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What does OSHA regulation requires on the label of hazmat material?
1. The name of the material
2. The name and address of the manufactor
3. The nature of the hazard
What is the name of the standard DOD label for marking hazzardous materials?
The label is called the Hazardous Warning Label DD Form 2522.
A red diamond triangle indicates what type(s) of material?
A yellow diamond triangle indicates what type(s) of material?
Oxidizing agents
Organic Peroxide
What materials indicated by a diamond with applicable nomenclature and all black
and white coloring?
Poisonous gas
Non-flammable gases are
indicated by a diamond with applicable nomenclature
and______ coloring?
What materials are indicated by a diamond with applicable nomenclature and red, blue, and white coloring?
What must be advailible to the user of hazzardous material?
Material Safety Data Sheet
What is contained on the MSDS?
1. General information including an emergency phone number.
2. Ingredients and identity information
3. Physical/chemical characteristics
4. Fire and explosion hazard data
5. Health and hazard data, including first aid
6. Precaution for safe handling and use
7. Control measures, including protective equipment
8. Transportation data
9. Diposal data
10. Label data
PCB (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) in use aboard ships will typically function as______?
Insulating fliuds or coolants within electrical equipment
What type of batteries will ET are more likely to see?
1. Carbon-zinc
2. Manganese-dioxide alkaline-zinc
3. Mercuric-oxide
4. Lithium
5. Lead-acid
6. Nickel-cadmium
Which type of battery is small and powerful?
Mercuric-Oxide Zinc (mercury cells)
Which battery is the most used wet-cell battery?
A RAC (Risk Assessment Code) represents what type of hazard?
A risk of degree associated with the deficiency.
Hazrd severity categories shall be assigned by what type of symbol?
A. Roman Numerals
There are how many hazard severity categories?
What are the categories of hazard severity?
Category I-Catastrophic: The hazard may cause death, or loss of a facility.
Category II—Critical: May cause severe
injury, severe occupational illness, or major
property damage.
Category III—Marginal: May cause minor
injury, minor occupational illness, or minor
property damage.
Category IV—Negligible: Probably would not
affect personnel safety or health, but is
nevertheless in violation of a NAVOSH