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What is the Air Force's top network operation tier?
What is the mid-level or regional tier of the network?
What type of operational network intrusion detection does the NOSC provide commanders?
To what type of center does the NOSC provide technical assistance?
Who oversees network operations, helps achieve information assurance, and generates visibility into the base network?
What does the GCCS system provide?
combatant commanders
Who does the GCCS help by sychronizing the actions of air, land, sea, space, and special operations forces?
joint force commanders
What document outlines the GCSS leading edge information technologies necessary to support warfighting strategy?
Joing Vision 2020
What does GCSS incorporate that allows customer specific access while permitting the customization of information within the business information system?
the Air Force Portal
What is at the center of the GCSS?
common operating & data environment
What provides the minimum set of essential standards that facilitates this flow of information in support of the warfighter?
What are the interrelated sets of views?
operational, system, and technical
What three disciplines are integrated in IA awarenes?
Who does COMSEC apply to?
What does COMPUSEC apply to?
all information systems
What are safeguards?
actions or activites taken to protect information
What is anything that causes availability, integrity, confidentiality and accountability to suffer where automated system are concerned?
What are the three categories of COMPUSEC?
unauthorized access, malicious logic, and fraud, waste, & abuse
What is recognized as the first line of defense in the ongoing battle against unauthorized access?
physical security
Who does incident reporting apply to?
What are the two types of vulnerabilities?
administrative and technical
what is a broad term that refers to any type of computer software, standalone or embedded program, designed to perform some type of unauthorized or undesirable activity?
malicious code
What is a program implemented in hardware, firmware, or software whose purpose is to perform some unauthorized or harmful activity?
malicious logic
What is malicious code that causes damage to a data processing system when triggered by some specific system condition?
logic bomb
What is a harmless program containing malicious logic that allows the unauthorized collection, fasification, or destruction of data?
trojan horse
What is an unwanted program that places itself in other programs which are shared among computer systems and which replicates itself?
What is the maximum number of days that can elapse before you must perform a scan?
7 calendar days
What is a known or expected exposure of personnel, installations, or other assets or of classified information or material, to an unauthorized person?
What must be present in a device to emit a compromising signal?
classified information
At what level does implementation of planned communications and information system fall?
base level
What is a host wing and MAJCOM approved roadmap and investment plan?
Communications and information systems blueprint
When does implementation begin?
when the requester obtains funds and other resources
What act established the requirement for every information system to be certified and accredited?
Computer Security Act of 1987
What are the three different types of accreditations?
site, system, and type
How long does accreditation last?
no more than three years
Who must establish policies and procedures for managemtn and support of their computer systems resources?
Who appoints an equipment custodian?
Who performs an annual physical inventory?
equipment custodians
Who is responsible for all computer equipment assigned to a base?
Communications and Information systems officer
What are the overarching elements of operationalizing the network?
readiness and operational reporting
Who provides technical assistance to assigned NCCs?
Network operations and security center
Who is the lead command for the combat information transfer system?
Air Force Communications Agency
What does the combat information transfer system management office develop and maintain?
voice switching system and telecommunications management system
Which system helps joint force commanders synchronize the actions of air, land, sea, space, and special operations forces?
Global Command and Control Systems (GCCS)
What architecture view describes tasks and activities, operational elements, and information flow required to accomplish or support a military operation?
Which architecture view is a description, including graphics, of systems and interconnections supporting warfighting functions?
What is the organizing and transforming construction for managing information technology throughout the DOD?
Global Information Grid
What is the objective of the network operations standardization and evaluation program?
create a working environment that inspires trust, teamwork, and a quest for improvements
To which of the following does the standardization and evaluation program apply?
work center and all personnel assigned to the base NCC
Which program ensures the authenticity of telecommunications?
computer security
What must you consider to achieve a balance between operational expedience and communication security?
classification of information and speed of servie required
When must commanders and decision makers apply operations security?
earliest stages of planning
What type of vulnerability results from incorrect or inadequate computer security safeguards and controls to a network?
What security program is designed to deny unauthorized persons information from interception and analysis from telecommunications systems?
Who develops an implementation plan with the concurrence of the requester?
Communications and information systems officer
How often are systems reaccredited?
every 3 years
What type of accreditation is used to accredit functional systems and applications that are deployed to multiple locations?
What type of accreditation is used to accredit functional sysems and applications that either not deployed to other locations or are stand-alone systems?
Who provides guidance and training for the equipment custodians?
equipment control officer
Who establishes policies and procedures for management and support of the organization's computer resources?