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What is hot, melted rock under the earth's surface?
What is hot, melted rock that comes out of a volcano?
What is a sudden falling of rock or snow down a mountain?
What do you call the bowl-shaped hole at the top of a volcano?
Why is magma able to come through the earth's crust and erupt?
It comes through a weak part of the crust.
What are three types of volcanoes?
Cinder, shield, and composite
What is a cinder volcano made of?
It is made from cinder and ash.
What is a shield volcano made from?
It is made mostly from lava.
What is a composite volcano made from?
It is made from alternating layers of lava and ash.
What volcano erupted in 79 AD?
What volcano erupted in 1980?
Mount St. Helens
What are three things that help predict a volcanic eruption?
ground bulges, earth tremors, and sulfur dioxide gas
What is ash?
It is burned wood and rocks.
What happened after Vesuvius erupted?
Pompeii lay buried for a few thousand years under layers and layers of ash and lava.
What happened after Mount St. Helens erupted?
It caused mudslides and floods. Forests were destroyed, but now new plants and animals are growing there.