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what is a shield volcano
gently sloping mountain formed by repeative lava flows
what is a cinder cone
formed from ashes cinders and bombs
what is a composite volcano
mountain formed by lava flows alternating with explosive eruptions
what is a lava plateau
high level area formed by repeative lava flows
what is a caldera
hole left by a volcanic mountain collapse
when volcanic ash breaks down what does it release
potassium and phosphorus
what are five features formed by magma
dikes sills volcanic necks batholiths and dome mountains
how do dikes from
when magma forms between rock layes
how do sills form
when magma forms across rock layers
a mass of rock formed when a large body of magma cools inside the crust is
a batholith
is a dome mountain formed when rising magam is blocked by layers of rocks
the craters on earths moon were produced by
what produced the dark smooth areas on the surface of earths moon
lava flows
does venus have long riverlike lava flows
how do the number of volcanoes on mars compare to venus
there are far fewer