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What office maintains flight/jump record folders?
FRF for members who have been disqualified for 5 yrs or more are

a-returned to the member
b-maintained in an inactive file cabinet
c-sent to the staging facility for disposition
d-shredded to protect the privacy of the individual
Which of the following documents is filed on the right side of the FRF?

a-OFDA waiver
In which part of the JRF is the Form 702 filed?
-Part 1
When auditing the F/JRF, verify that the date on the Form 702 matches the date on the member's
What must be accomplished first when reconstructing lost or destroyed records?

a-complete a local inprocessing checklist
b-obtain aircraft totals from the National Personnel Records center
c-Review the ARMS record for missing information
d-contact the losing Harm for copies of the member's pay history
When reconstructing lost or destroyed records, what action should be taken to verify military pay actions of the member?

a-contact the local finance office for a copy of the member's pay history
b-ask the member for a copy of his/her current LES
c-review the member's incentive pay screen in the ARMS database
d-use a locally developed browser to retrieve pay info from ARMS
Which of the following ARMS screens is included in the automatic inprocessinf cycle?
-aircrew data
Once inprocessing actions are complete, when must the gaining Harm forward the ARMS record transfer acknowledgement letter to the losing Harm?

a-after the member's initial record review
b-within 5 days after updating the member's record in ARMS
c-within 3 days after receipt of the member's electronic record
d-within 30 days after the member inprocesses through the Harm
What resource management product is reviewd to determine which aircrew members have a reassignment pending?
If changes are necessary to a member's ARMS record, what action must be taken if the record has been outprocessed from ARMS?

a-retransmit the member's record with your Harm code in the appropriate field
b-normalize the member's record and have the gaining Harm delete the record
c-delete the record and have the gaining HArm transmit the record
d-open the member's record and click the undo button
During outprocessing actions, the close out date in ARMS refers to the date

a-the member outprocesses from MPF
b-listed on the member's PCS orders
c-the member picks up his/her record
d-ou are outprocessing the member's record
After outprocessing a member's record from ARMS, what action is taken to ensure the member info doent appear on future ARMS reports?

a-change the member's HORIS code to P for PCS
b-transfer the member's record to HARM code FGWD
c-assign the member to the 9999SQDSQ organization
d-delete the member record from ARMS
When an aircrew member is initially placed on flying status, which of the following info is available for the record review?
-af form 1042 and member's initial IDS
Within how many days must an aircrew member in an active flying status conduct an inprocessing records review?
-30 days
After inprocessing an inactive aircrew member, within how many days must a reords review be accomplished?
-120 days
How is the annual records review accomplished for members who are TDY?
-HARM mails a copy of the member's annual products
Which of the following duty positions are not valid for OFDA credit?

a-F, R
b-M, S
c-N, W
d-O, X
Which of the following ASCs would allow an aircrew member to accumulate OFDA credit?

a-asc al
b-asc ba
What is the effective date of the FSC S for an aircrew member initially placed on flying status effective Aug 28, but dd not perform an OFDA flight until 12 December?
-29 August
What is the effective date of teh FSC S for an aircrew member on active flying status who performed an OFDA flight on 11 January, and did not perform another OFDA flight untl 27 July?
-1 MAy
What is the effective date for an FSC change from FSC S and FSC A for an aircrew member on an active flying status who performed an OFDA flight on 6 April, and did not perform another OFDA flight until 12 October?
-12 October
What entry on the AF Form 142 is required for rated aircrew members?
-OFDA as of 30 September 1991
Which of the following criteria must be met before a member is eligible for an OFDA waiver?

a-assigned a transition status code of D or E
b-be a rated officer with at least 72 mos of OFDA credit
c-wait at least 5 yrs since the last OFDA waiver was approved
d-be a CEA with at least 48 mos of OFDA credit
How many mos of OFDA must an aircrew member who must meet the requiremets of the Aviation Career Incentive Act of 1974 have at the 18 year gate to be eligible for continuous ACIP through 25 yrs of aviation service?
-132 mos
How many mos of OFDA must an aircrew who must meet the requirements of teh NDAA of the fiscal yr 1996 have at a 18 year gate to be eligible for continuous ACIP through 22 yrs of aviation service?
-120 mos
What specific aircrew member is only entitled to conditional ACIP?
-fligth surgeon
What congressional act established the career enlisted flyer incentive pay program?
-NDAA of 2000
Which of the following aircrew members are entitled to CEFIP?

a-loadmaster and flight nurse
b-boom operator and aerial gunner
c-flight attendant and ABM
d-ops support and unmanned vehicle operator
How many months of OFDA are required for a CEA to receive continuous CEFIP at the 15 year gate?
-108 mos
When, if ever, is a general officer entitled to receive HDIP?

a-when the general officer have completed 20 yrs of aviation service
b-when the general officer is inactive and directed to perorm aircrew duties
c-a general officer is not entitled to receive HDIP
d-when the general officer has completed 25 yrs of aviation service and is in an FSC A and required to perform duties
Which of the following flight times does not qualify a member for conditional pay?

An aircrew member would qualify for a fraction of a calendar month flight requirements if the member was

a-on emergency leave for 20 days
b-on leave for 10 days of the month
c-TDY to the NCO Academy for 6 wks
d-removed from active flying status effective 17 Feb
If an aircre member was placed on flying status effective 15 Apr and flew 3.5 hrs that month, how much time is considered excess?

a-none, the member didnt fly 4 hrs for that month
Which of the following situations starts a member's grace prd?

a-the member is placed on flying status effective 15 Aug and flies 6.3 hours on 21 August
b-the member is placed on flying status effective 1 January and flies 4.5 hours 31 January
c-the member is placed on flying status effective 15 April and flies 2.5 hours on 22 April
d-the member is placed on flying status effective 1 June and flies 8.2 hours on 2 July
When determining whether a member has met flight requirements, flying hours flown are
-first applied to the current month
-second backed up 2 mos when in a grace prd
-third forward up to 5 mos
A member was placed on flying status effective 1 Jan and flew 2.0 hrs on 11 Jan: 3.5 hrs on 14 Feb: and 4.5 hrs on 2 Mar. Which mos is the member entitled to incentive pay?

a-Jan, Feb, Mar
b-Jan, Feb
c-Feb, Mar
Which of the following situations applies to a member who entered a grace prd on 1 Mar with no banked hrs and flew 3.5 hrs on 12 Mar: 4.2 hrs on 15 Apr: 4.1 hrs on 9 May: 3.4 hrs on 17 Jun: 4.1 hrs on 21 Jul: and 2.3 hrs on 28 Aug?

a-start gp 1 Mar, pay member for Apr and May, start new gp 1Aug
b-start gp 1 Mar, pay member for Apr and May, start new gp 1 Jun
c-start gp 1 Jun, pay member for Jul and Aug
d-start gp 1 Jun, pay member for Jul only
What is the pay stop date for a CEA who was placed on active flying status 1 jan 2003 and was placed in DNIF on 13 Apr 2003?
-14 Apr 2004
When does a gp begin for an aircrew member who was injured in a duty related incident on 12 Nov if the member has met flying requirements for that month?
-1 Dec
What is the effective date of the MPO to stop an aircrew member's pay if the member was placed on active flying status effective 4 Aug, and was suspended effective 13 Dec?
-12 Dec
What factors are considered when parachute pay is determined for a parachutist?

a-number and type of jumps performed
b-type and location of jumps performed
c-number of jumps performed and the type of equipment used
d-location of jumps performed and type of equipment used
A parachutist qualified for static line jumps was placed on AOs to perform HALO jumps ffective 10 Apr. The member performed a static line jump on 3 May and a HALO jump on 14 May. What type of pay will the member will receive for the month of May?
-HALO only
A parachutist was placed on jump status effective 1 Aug and performed a jump on 22 Sept. For what mos would the member receive parachute pay?

a-Aug, Sept, and Oct
b-Aug. and Sept
d-Sept., Oct., and Nov.
What rule applies to a parachutist who is unable to perform a jump b/c of military operations of the command or the absence of jump equipment or aircraft?
-Rule 3
What requirements must be met by a parachutist in a Rule 3?
-4 qualifying jumps during a 9 month prd following a 3 month prd where no jump were performed
A parachutist may be prorated for jumps performed while in a (what rule)
-Rule 4
What code is used when documenting jumps on the AF Form 1521 to indicate the jump performed is applied to the current month?

Which of the following situations would automatically stop an aircrew member's flight pay?

a-a rated officer completes 18 yrs of aviation service
b-an enlisted member departs to a nonflying position
c-a CEA completes 20 yrs of aviation service
d-an ops support member departs for a PCS
When processing an MPO, who is responsible to assign the input source code?

a-the local finace office
b-the HARM processing the MPO
How often must the HARM request the EVR from finance?

After completeing the audit, within what time frame must the HARM correct errors found on the EVR?
-within 10 workdays
What (if any) is the requirement for the HARM to maintain copies of the EVR?
-maintain the four most current certified copies
A set of realted info with a common purpose is known as

c-data point
d-a business area
A filter created on an item that restricts which values to return is known as

c-data point
What type of display would be used to show data in a matrix of rows and columns?

c-page detail table
d-page detail crosstab
What feature is used to change the size and color of the font on a worksheet?

c-data point
Why is it necessary to validate a query when using calculations?

a-there may be a text error in the data
b-the data in ARMS may not be correct
c-the data elements requested might merge in the resulting query
d-the info requested may not be displayed in the proper format