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What type of mission is required if the purpose is to determine the location, disposition, and strength of enemy forces?

a-radar reconnaissance
b-airborne warning and control
c-airborne command and control
d-electronic countermeasures reconnaissance
Which type of mission would be used for stragetic defense and/or tactical air operations?

a-air to air
b-air refueling
c-airborne warning and control
d-airborne command and control
When building a flying schedule, what is the responsibility of maintenance personnel?
-to provide enough aircraft and support equipment to meet the unit's mission requirements
Which scheduling factor is the most flexible resource to schedule?

a-equipment or aircraft availablity
b-allocated flying hours
c-mission requirements
d-aircrew availability
The minimum crew rest period is

a-8 hrs prior to a scheduled mission
b-8 hrs of nonduty time priior to aircraft takeoff
c-12 hrs of nonduty time prior to aircraft takeoff
d-12 hrs of nonduty time prior to reporting for duty
The flight duty prd begins when an aircrew member

a-gets up in the morning
b-arrives at his/her duty location
c-reports for a mission or briefing
d-departs his/her place of residence
The flight duty prd for an aircrew member ends

a-afetr the aircraft has landed and comes to a full stop
b-when the member has arrived at his/her place of residence
c-after the aircrew member has completed all debriefing requirements
d-when the engines are stopped at the nd of a mission of series of missions
Flying hours are allocated by Headquarters USAF to MAJCOMS
Flying hours deviations must be reported by the flying unit to the MAJCOM
How many days before the affected quarter will HQ AMC/TACC provide final approved tanker support allocations to the MAJCOMs?
-70 days
How many days before the affected quarter will HQ AMC/TACC publish the quarterly air refueling schedule?
-30 days
Which reference would you refer to for info on special-use airspace and its controlling agency?
-Appendix A of DOD Flight Info Publication
Which factors dictates the unit's operational requirements?

b-aircraft availability
c-aircrew availability
d-allocated flying hours
Operational untis must develop a quarterly scheduling plan

a-by the end of the third week of the month preceding the affected quarter
b-no later than 3 weeks prior to the affected quarter
c-no later than 2 weeks prior to the affected quarter
d-by the end of the week prior to the affected quarter
Which scheduling plan includes the aircraft tail number for each scheduled mission or sortie?
Which base agency would you coordinate with when developing aircrew and aircraft schedules?

a-aerospace medicine
b-security forces
d-flight safety
Which base agency would you contact to coordinate the daily postflight report?

a-security forces
Which base agency would you contact to safeguard unit aircraft?

a-flight safety
c-security forces
d-aircraft maintenance
Specific procedures for go/no-go items are located in MAJCOM or unit supplements to
-AFI 202, vol 2
When preparing flight authorizations, the minimum essential elements include the

a-designation of the pilot in command and the serial number of the aircraft
b-physical qualification status of each aircrew member
c-name, grade, and SSN of each aircrew member
d-place and actual time of departure
When preparing flight authorizations, you need a copy of the

a-aircrew member's ITS
b-aircrew member's flight data document
c-daily flight schedule
d-deconfliction sheet
Before the flight authorization is considered certified, it must be signed by the

a-scheduling NCOIC
b-operations group commander
c-squadron operations center NCOIC
If changes to the FA are required, the change must be initialed by the

a-ARM person making the change
b-scheduling NCOIC
c-commander or designated authority
d-scheduling officer
Opening and closing procedures are outlined in
-AFI 11-421 ARM
What is used to clarify responsibilities and assignments for SOC personnel?

a-the job description in the CFETP
b-squadron OI's
c-checklists and duty schedules
d-multicommand instructions
When performing closing procedures, what form is used to document the building check?
-Standard Form 701, Activity Security Checklist
When posting the flight status board, use a copy of the

a-ground training deconfliction sheet
b-monthly air refueling schedule
c-FCIF (flight crew information file)
d-final daily schedule
Procedures for establishing a FCIF functional publication library are located in
-AFI 202, vol 2, Aircrew Stan/Eval.
Which volume of the FCIF functional publication library contains the read file?
-Vol I
Which type of aircraft is assigned a mission design series?

a-only military aircraft
b-all DOD aerospace vehicles
c-only AF military aircraft
d-all DOD aircraft and all civilian aircraft
What three symbols together indicate the mission symbol?
-status prefix symbol, modified mission symbol, and basic mission/vehicle type symbol
What does the status prefix symbol indicate?

a-the primary function or capability of the aircraft
b-the type of modification an aircraft has received
c-the type of mission an aircraft is designed to undertake
d-the aircraft is nonstandard, experimental, or a prototype
The modified mission symbol is located

a-to the immediate left of the basic mission symbol
b-to the immediate left of the status prefix symbol
c-to the immediate left of the design number
d-immediately following the design number
Aircraft that have been modified to perform search and rescue missions are identified by the modified mission symbol
The basic mission symbol indicates the

a-production model
b-aircraft is nonstandard
c-aircraft design has been modified
d-primary fuction or capability of the aircraft
When inputting an MDS into the ARMS, the proper entry for an F-15E aircraft is
A pilot in an inactive status who is authorized to fly to complete a specific official task may log
-primary time
Which aircrew member may log primary time?

a-a pilot occupying a duty position having a set of flight controls, yet not actively controlling the aircraft
b-a flight surgeon occupying a position also occupied by a navigator
c-a flight engineer evaluating another flight engineer
d-a boom operator performing hands on instruction
Which flight condition can only be logged by pilots?
-primary instrument time
Before aircrew members can log combat time, what office must identify the hostile airspace?

d-the commander of the allied d-forces
Combat support time will be logged by aircrew members

a-that are under risk of engaging in hostile fire
b-engaged in missions that support the war effort
c-engaged in aerial activity operating outside the designated hostile aerospace
d-not occupying a designated duty station and not conforming to requirements to log combat
Who is responsible for completing the mission design series, serial number, unit charged for flying hours, and location blocks (BLOCKS 2 THROUGH 5) OF THE fORM 781?
The purpose of the Form 3520 is to

a-serve as an alternate method to record individual flying hours
b-be used instead of the Form 781 for multimission aircraft
c-determine how many allocated flying hours have been flown for the current month
d-provide an extract of info from the original Form 781
The Form 3520 is certified by the

a-pilot in command or scheduling NCOIC
b-scheduling NCOIC or the harm chief
c-pilot in command or the Harm chief
d-maintenance NCOIC or Harm chief
When entering flight data into the ARMS, what info is entered that verifies the identity of the aircrew member?
After entering flight data into the ARMS, what product must be requested to audit your work?
-flying time update summary
The primary purpose of the flying time update summary

a-track flying hours for each unit aircraft
b-provide an audit trail for individual flying hours
c-ensure aircrew members do not exceed the maximum allowable flying time
d-determine the utilization rate of flying hours and sorties for each unit aircraft
The purpose of the sonic boom reporting system is to

a-record supersonic flight activity
b-prevent sonic booms from causing public disturbances
c-ensure aircraft perform supersonic flight in approved areas
d-provide info to HQ USAF/XOOT on the number of aircraft and locations of sonic boom activity
When entering sonic boom activity into the ARMS, what entry is required if the Mach (speed) od the supersonic flight is classified?
-enter 99
The Form 922 must be certified by the

b-pilot in command
c-commander or designated representative
d-Harm chief
Once AF Form 922 have been input into the ARMS, the data must be audited using

a-the flying time update summary
b-the aircrew experience report
c-the locally developed browser
d-the quarterly jump report
Cosolidation of the AF Form 922 is required

a-once the member performs three jumps
b-at the end of each calendar quarter
c-in the event of an aircraft mishap
d-at the end of each month
Which flying hour report must be ordered for EOM products?

a-FHR and IFR
b-IFD and aircrew experience report
c-IFR and individual flying time summary
d-FHR and aircrew experience report
When auditing the FHR, the total time includes
-primary, secondary, instructor, evaluator, and other time
Flying time maximums for aircrew members are
-125 flying hours per 30 consecutive days and 330 flying hours per 90 consecutive days
The flying hour report that lists an aircrew member's flying hour totals for the last 30, 60, and 90 days is the
When reviewing flying hour reports, management actions include

a-applyin policies and directives
b-providinf reports to MAJCOMS
c-auditing products against source documents
d-inputting data into ARMS
When monitoring flying hours on the aircraft utilization report, info in the CAMS is compared to

a-source documents
b-the individual flight data
c-a locally developed browser
d-the individual flying time summary
Flying hour errors on the AUR will be corrected by
What are the four factors that are used to build all flight schedules?
-mission requirements
-equipment or aircraft availability
-aircrew availability
-allocated flying hours
What are the four types of scheduling plans?