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An aircrew member entering UPT requires a
-flying class I flight physical
Which class of flight physical qualifies a physician applicant for aerospace medicine primary training?
-Flying class 2 flight physical
Which class of flight physical qualifies ceas for flying duties?
-Flying class 3 flight physical
A categorical flying class 2A flight physical is administered to
-rated officers for duty in low-G aircraft
An aircrew member with a birth date of 11 Jan enters into eligibility prd during which you can schedule him/her a flight physical from
-1 Oct thru 31 Jan
In the event an aircrew member allows his/her med certification to expire and cannot obtain an AF Form 1042, Med Recommendation for Flying or Special Operational Duty, from the flight surgeon's office stating the member is to remain qualified, the Harm office
-publishes an aeronautical order assigning ASC 04
What is the proper disposition of an initial clearance AF Form 1042?
-file in the member's FRF until completion of the member's next annual flight physical
The initial clearance
If an aircrew member has been disqualified for less than 12 mos and requests med requal, the med qual is certified by
-the local flight surgeon's office
If an aircrew member has been disqualified for over 5 yrs and requests med requalification, the med qual must be certified by
The harm office is notified of an aircrew member's medical waiver
-via the remarks section of the af form 1042
An aircrew member who is to depart on tdy 28 aug and whose flight physical expires 31 oct, must schedule a flight physical
-prior to departing tdy on 28 aug
For med examinations for aircrew members initially placed on flying status, the date you enter into the ARMS is the
-date the flight surgeon signed the form
In order to update the flight physical due date manually, the flight physical status must be
When entering the physical availability date in the ARMS for aircrew members who are removed from med quailification, use the date
-the flight surgeon signed the form
If an aircrew member has allowed his/her flight physical to expire, the physical availbility code in ARMS would be
The physical availability code D identifies an aircrew member that is
-assigned to DNIF for 30 days or less
A category flying waiver indicates an aircrew member that is
-restricted to flying a particular type of aircraft
File an af form 1042, med recommendation for flying or special operational duty, placing an aircrew member in dnif status in the
-temp suspense file
When ur office receives an af form 1042, med recommendation for flying and special operational duty, that removes a memebr from dnif status
-update the arms and destroy both af forms 1042
Fr how many days can a cea be grounded before disqualification action must be taken?
When removing an aircrew member from dnif, that date you use from the af form 1042, med recommendation for flying and special operational duty, to enter into arms is the date
-actually found med cleared
Physiological training is required for
-personnel who are or will be placed onactive flying status
CEAs are required to complete the original instruction phase of physiological training before
-their first aircraft flight
MSgt Anaya, an active aircrew member whose physilogical training will expire on 31 May, is scheduled to pcs from Randolf AFB to Eglin AFB, on 13 March. When must the member be scheduled for physiological training?
-prior to departure
An active rated pilot has a projected retirement date of 1 Feb and his/her physiological training is due to expire on 30 Nov. When (if ever) is the member required to complete refresher physiological training?
-the training is not required
What 2 documents must an aircrew hand carry to the chamber facility when scheduled for refresher physilogical training?
-the current 1042, Med Recommendation for Flying and Special Operation Duty and original 702, Ind Physiological Training Record
The due date for refresher physiological training that was accomplished on 13 June 2003 is
-30 June 2008
Initial centrifuge training is conducted
-during SUPT and JSUNT
Refresher centrifuge training is required
-by aircrew being assigned to a high G aircraft following a nonflying assignment
The final waiver authority for qualification or refresher centrifuge training is
Rated officers who are trying to attain qualification as a flight examiner attend
-graduate flying training
Specific training needed to qualify an ind for basic aircrew duties in an assigned position without regard to the unit's operations mission defines
-initial qualification training
Aircrew members who have been unqualifid over 5 yrs must complete
-the appropriate ETCA formal initial qualification course
Mission ready/combat mission ready flying status identifies an aircrew member who
-maintains qualification and proficiency to perform the command or unit's operational mission
Upon completion of the af form 8, certificate of aircrew qualification, file the form in the aircrew member's
What percentage of the annual minimum flying requirememnts are flight surgeons required to perform in their primary aircraft?
In order for a flight surgeon to maintain currency, time between fligts must not exceed
-60 days
Which character of the flight authorization duty code is/are MAJCOM specific?
-third, fourth, and fifth characters
When building a training program in the ARMS, first navigate to the Training
-Administration screen
We use a training program code to describe
-the overall training plan
The duration of the training cycle is established by
-MAJCOM directives
Which publication would you reference for info on aircraft specific training task
-afi 11-2 mds specific, vol 1
When creating task ids in the arms, the referrnce date
-is used to calculate the due date
When creating training profiles in the arms database, which subscreen do you use to enter the frequency, phase prd, and volume/duration for each training task?
When determining restrictions for training tasks, refer to
-afi 11-2 mds specifis, vol 1
After you assign training profiles to an aircrew member, audit the transaction by reviewing the
-training profile assignment list
A person that is scheduled to retire on 1 March must complete taining requirements through
-30 Nov
An aircrew member scheduled to pcs on 28 aug must complete a proportionate share of training requirements through
-31 Jul
Which measured area of the sorts report are ARM personnel reuired to track?
-Training (T-level)
When assessing a unit's training level for the SORTS report, the SORTS monitor
-compares the number of personnel trained to the number of personnel authorized or required
When auditing the MAR prior to entering the data into arms, compare the document to
afto form 781, arms/mission flight data document
Which ARMS screen would you use to update training requirements completed by one or more aircrew members on the same date?
-single date
Source documents indicate Cpt Jones completed life support training on 15 Aug 2002 and Cpt Scott completed instrument refresher course on 22 Aug 2002. Which screen would you use to update these training tasks, and what type of transaction would you use?
-single date and two different transactions
Source documents indicate Cpt Voss and Maj Milks completed the navigation refresher course on 17 Jul 2002 and LOAC on 22 July 2002. Which screen would you use to update these training tasks and what type of transaction would you use?
-single date and two separate transactions
What ARMS report do you use to verify the accuracy of training accomplishments entered into the database?
-training update audit listing
Keep the training update audit list on file
-for the current and previous training prds
When requesting the training update audit listing from the ARMS reports screen, the processed date refers to the date
-training accomplishments were entered into the database
Which reports are available as unit-only reports?
-training profile assignment listing
To audit the ARMS database after creating a training profile, look at the
-training profile master listing
Which training report do you request to review what training tasks dual credit another training task?
-training profile master listing
After adding training profiles to an aircrew member's ARMS record, audit the
-training profile assignment listing
Which ARMS training report provides a 6 month forecast of required training events
-unit currency summary
Which ARMS training report do you use to track training tasks that were scheduled compared to training tasks accomplished?
-unit training status summary
Which ARMS training report provides the number of training tasks accomplished for the current month, current quarter, current semiannual, and annual prds?
-ind training report
When changes to training tasks are published in AFI 11-2, mds specific, vol 1, review the
-training profile master listing
Cpt Gibson recently upgraded to an instructor pilot. To ensure the accuracy of Cpt Gibson's training requirements, audit the
-training profile assignment listing