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Rated officers remained avaiation career status as long as they remain

a-an officer
c-a flyer
Which date is used to compute the OSD?

a-completion date of undegraduate flying training
b-class start date on undergradutae flying trainin
c-date member arrived at first duty station
d-commissioning date in the usaf
Med officers enter aviation career on the

a-date of graduation
b-completion of a year od school
c-date arrived station
d-date assigned as a flight surgeon
The asd for a cea who was on flying status when the ndaa 2000 was enacted is the date

a-arrived duty station
b-member entered aetc flying training course
c-of the member's initial ao placing him on flying status
d-the memebr started an approved local IQT course
The asd for a cea who enters an approved local IQT course where flying is part of the course is the date

a-arrived duty station
b-departed last duty station
c-the member entered a formal AETC flying training course
d-of the member's initial AO placing him or her on flying status
Before placing a nonrated aircrew member on flying status, ensure

a-the member has a duty prefix of j, k, or q
b-you place the member in aviation career status
c-the member has applied for an advanced aircrew badge
d-the member's duty afsc appears on the crew composition table in afi 65-503, u.s. af cost and planning factors
The duty prefix x identifies an aircrew member

a-listed as inactive
b-qualified as basic aircrew
c-limited to performing ground duties only
d-transitioning to his/her duty station
Aviation service for nonrated aircrew member is terminated when the member is

a-reassigned to a duty afsc not requiring active flying
b-suspended from active flying
c-injured during off duty activities
d-assigned a duty prefix of T
Ops support members are individuals who

a-are required to perform inflight duty that cannot be accomplished by rated or nonrated members
b-are nonrated aircrew members flying on standby status during emergency situations
c-serve as an augmented crew to supplement normal operational missions
d-maintain aviation career status and fly frequent and regular flights
To qualify for hdip, op support members must

a-have an active ao placing them in aviation status
b-perform at least one training per month
c-perform frequent and regular flights
d-perform an operational mission
Major commands cosolidate man year requirements into the categories of

a-active and inactive
b-officer and enlisted
c-operational and training
d-peacetime and wartime
Op support members are placed on flying status

a-one month at a time
b-for the duration of the assigned mission
c-until the man year allocation is exhausted
d-until the flying requirement no longer exists
A bronze star may be worn by a parachutist

a-for each cmbat jump acomplished
b-who performs at least one jump every 3 mos
c-who has been awarded the advanced parachutist badge
d-as long as the ind remains in active parachutist status
Temporary jump status is authorized by commanders for

a-peacetime training missons
b-ind in the 1cox2 career field
c-ind unable to qualify for parachute duty pay
d-qualified personnel not assigned to a j coded position
Ind placed on temp jump status cannot exceed

a-30 days
b-90 days
c-120 days
d-180 days
Ind placed in permissive jump status must

a-be assigned to parachute duty
b-have at least 3 yrs of jump experience
c-have a duty afsc identified as a parachutist
d-be able to qualify for hazardous duty incentive pay
Air battle managers receive their basic rating

a-when assigned to their first operational duty station
b-on the same day they are assigned an approved duty afsc
c-upon graduation of an approved ftu course
d-upon completion of 1 yearof experience as an authorized aircrew member
When computing yrs of rated service for determining eligibility for advanced ratings

a-dont credit yrs accumulated in one specialty toward an advanced rating in another
b-dont credit years of service with the previous us military branches
c-credit only the time the officer was assigned to an active flying position
d-compute the total years of rated service regardless of rated specialty
When determining elgibility for the senior pilot rating, flying time requiremments are
-2000 total pliot hours or 1300 hours in any combo of primary, instructor, and/or evaluator: 7 yrs: 96 mos of OFDA
The 3 types of nonrated aviation badges include the
-officer aircrew member, airman aircrew member, and flight nurse
To be elgible for the officer aircrew member badge, the member must
-be assigned a dafsc prefix of x.k, or q
Parachutists applying for the master parachutist badge must
-complete 36 mos on jump status with an organization assigned a parachute jump mission
The final approval authority for action required by an ARB is
Upon the approval of an ARB, an AO awarding the USAF rating is published by
A commander will convene a FEB when
-a rated officer's duty performance becomes suspect
The final decision authority for actions required by an FEB is the
-member's MAJCOM commander
Members appearing before an FEB due to lack of proficiency include
-officers who display negligent violation of flying procedures
AEBS are convened for
-nonrated officers and enlisted aircrew members including CEAs
Permanent disqualification from aviation service for rated members and CEAs includes
-voluntary request
When a rated officer or CEA is under investigation for suspected drug abuse, the hARM office will
-publish an AO assigning ASC 04(suspension) and terminate flight pay
Nonpermanent disqualification for rated officers and CEAs includes
-failure to maintain medical fitness
If a rated officer's or CEA's med certification expires and the member hasnt made a reasonable attempt to maintain med certification, the Harm office
-publish an AO assigning ASC 04(suspension) effective the day after the med fitness expires and terminates flying incentive pay
If a rated officer or CEA doesnt complete a med examination or recertification wihin 60 days following the date of suspension
-a FEB or AEB will be convened
A rated officer who has been disqualified for nonpermanent reasons for less than 5 yrs may be requalified
-w/o appearing before an FEB
Rated officers who were medically disqualified more than 1 year but less than 5 yrs may be requalified
-after HQ AFMOA/SGPA certifies the officer is medically qualified for flying duty
When a nonrated aircrew member is found medically unfit, the Harm office will suspense the AF Form 1042, Med Recommendation for Flying or Special Operational Duty, to medically disquailfy the member for
-120 days
To manage the rated inventory, MAJCOMs use the
-API code
API code 3 identifies a rated officer
-at wing level with duties and responsibilities that dont require the member to fly
API code 7 identifies
-USAF officers assigned to flying rated positions in other than the AF units
API code E identifies
-staff or supervisory positions above wing level that have duties and responsibilities that require aircrew expertise but dont require the member to actively fly
A FAC is used to determine
-how an ind is being used in an API coded position
A CEA who is an instrutor assigned to fly TF-coded aircraft would be assigned a
A TSC(Transistion status code) is used by the Harm office
-to determine which OFDA requirements are required by rated officers
Rated officers who have at least 6 but les sthan 12 yrs of aviation service and have accrued less than 72 mos of OFDA on 1 Oct 91 would be assigned a
The Aviation Career Improvement Act of 1989
-increased the number of mos of OFDA required at the 12 and 18 year gates
The CEFIP program was established by the
-NDAA of 2000
The ASC(Aviation Service code) is a two character code that indicates
-entitlement to continuous and conditional flight pay and current flying status
ESC 3 indicates a
-pilot who has acuumulated at least 132 mos of OFDA at the 18 year gate
A rated officer (other than flight surgeon) who has completed 25 years of aviation service would be assigned an ESC of
-ESC 7
The ESC(entitlement sttus code) for the flight surgeon
-ESC 8
An FSC(flying status code) identifies
-a memebr as an active or inactive flyer in aviation career status, flying status, or parachute status
An ops support member was placed on flying status with ASC 9C effective 1 March 2002 with a termination date of 31 March 2002. The member was removed from flying status effective 19 March 2002. What action must the Harm office take?
-The Harm office must publish an AO assigning ASC 06 effective 19 March 2002
The effective date of an AO that confirms an ASC change as a result of PCS move is the
-day after the member signs out from the losing organization
AO termination dates for rated officers are based on
-aviation service gates and anniversaries for yrs of avaiation service
The termination date on AOs for nonrated officers is
-the DOS
AOs are authenicated by
-inds in military grade E-7 or above, or a civilian GS-6 or higher
When data in the MILPDS interfaces with the ARMS, certain elements will not overwrite ARMS if
-MILPDS displays the element as blank in its system
What agency is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the HORIS?
A special interface of the HORIS should be requested
-when directed by HQ USAF/XOOT
Which computer product is used to administer the Aviation Career Incentive Act of 1974 and the Aviation Career Improvement Act of 1989?
-Aviation Service Suspense List
Which report does the Harm office review to verify man years are available before publishing an AO placing an operation support memeber on flying status?
-HQ Allocation Recap
Which part of the AMSL(Aviation Management Suspense List) displays aircrew memebers who have gone 3 mos w/o performing an OFDA creditable flight?
-Part 8
Part 9 of the Aviation Mgmt Suspense List is used to
-determine if aircrew in FSC S have performed an operational flying duty event
The ARMS product, Report of Aircraft Accident Investigation, is handled as
-a privileged document
During an aircraft mishap, what action must be taken before the Harm office prints reports from the ARMS?
-ensure all flight and training accomplishments have been input into ARMS
Which AO action does not require a termination date?
-awarding a rating or badge
A manpower code assigned to a position is
-API (aircrew position indicator)
What is an operations code assigned to an individual
-FAC (flying activity code)
The five basic reasons for AO's?
-initiate/terminate service
-award aeronautical badges and ratings
-change an ASC and incentive pay entitlement
-disqualify/requalify a member
-revalidate aviation career status
This is an original order published to initiate one or more actions?
- a new order
This is to amend to correct minor administrative or typographical errors?
This deletes the order from the chronological history in the flight record?
What are the 5 steps in AO publishing process?
-initiate action
-request orders
-authenicate orders
-reproduce and distribute orders
-use and file orders
What is a written order to direct certain actions relating to aviation service, parachutist duty, flight management, and incentive pay?
-an aeronautical order (AO)
What is an AO published by HQ AFPC/DPAOY?
The MILPDS system and the ARMS system are separated into what two categories?
-aircraft and person
The HORIS report is also known as
-the Charm report
The Aviation Service Suspense list is produced in four parts?
-Errors Records
-Valid Records
-Continuous entitlement
-conditional entitlement
-exceeding 25 yrs of
aviation service
The Aviation Management Suspense List has 10 parts:
1-asc 06
3-disqualification action
4-reassignment pending
6-acknowledgement letter
7-aircrew rating
8-withhold ofda credit
9-asc change for ofda credit
Which product is used to monitor active duty flying requirements for pay?
-Flying Pay Control Document
What report is used to monitor and certify man-years?
-HQ Allocation Recap