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Name the two different interconnect model?
- Intra domain; SuperPop, SNARC, VOIP IMT's
- Inter domain; VoipLink (Nextone), FTGB VOIP
What is the capacity in DS0 of a GWY AS 5300?
120 DS0
What is the capacity in DS0 of a GWY AS 5350?
210 DS0
What is the capacity in DS0 of a GWY AS 5400?
380 DS0
What is an APC or PDU?
It's a power distribution unit used to remotely power down the gateways devices.
What are the 3 functions of the VoIP components PGW2200?
-It's a sun server that runs the signal control software that provides centralized signaling and call processing services for multiple Cisco VOIP gateways

-It converts the SS7 ISDN User part (ISUP) messages to Extended Q.931 messages

-It transport the Q.931 over IP to the Gateway
Gatekeeper functions?
- Address translation
- Network Access control
- Gateway must register with gatekeeper before any calls can be set up.
Teleglobe consist of 3 voip models?
VoIP IMT's are used for what?
To facilitate exchanging traffic between Teleglobe and ITXC
The most common signaling protocols deployed between the customer switch and the GW are ?
ISDN and SS7
The calls are routed to the GW's to the terminating provider over IP....
Using H.323 or SIP signaling
If the customers connect to TGB via TDM to what equipment do they connect to?

If the customers connect to TGB via IP to what equipment do they connect to?
What is a trunk group?
A group of T1's
F-ITXC and F-TGO are interconnected via what?
SNARC INTERCO = this is really group of gateways managed by a pair of PGW's
What is a point code?
It's the identification of a switch.
What is an F-Link?
It's when one of the DS0 is used to carry signaling
What is an STP?
It's like a router for point code.
List the elements implicated between a GSP and a GW
GSP ---> STP --> STL ---> PGW then to GW
What does the STL?
- It terminates the physical interfaces

- Encapsulate the SS7 packets into IP so the PGW can receive it.
How does the Gateway decide to what IP address to send the call?
Query sequence ......
Gateway --> Zone
Gatekeeper --> directory Gatekeeper ---> Router Server to AI
The protocol GKTMP is used for what?
To allow communication between Router Server and Directory Gatekeeper
What does the router server provides?
Call routing information for the VoIP network
AI feeds what?
The Route Server with dial plan information every hours
The Gateway or the Nextone ask the Route server for what?
-The IP address of the terminating Gateway or Softswitch.
What is a span?
An E1 or a T1
Name the naming convention abbreviation used for a Gateway, SLT and PGW respectively in a SNARC scenario
- Gateway is referred to has customer nameC#,

-SLT as slt

-PGW as sc
In the SuperPOP scenario, what is the naming convention used for Gateway, Gatekeeper, SLT, PGW, Radius and Nextone.
-GW= csc




-Radius = CRC

-Nextone = MSC