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Vocal Misuse
- Reduces phonatory mechanisms ability to work efficiently
- Disrupts coordination of parts
Adolescent falsetto, Pubescent falsetto, Incomplete mutation, Mutational falsetto

- Persistent high pitched voice beyond the age at which the male voice change should have occured
Vocal Misuse
-Inappropriate pitch (puberphonia, glottal fry, lack of pitch variability

-Excessive talking
(aphonia, dysphonia, ventricular phonation)

- Increase tension and strain
(hard glottal attack, high laryngeal position)
Benign lesion
Symptom: Hoarseness
Epithelial lesions
Abnormal tissue growth

Examples: leukoplakia, hyperkaratosis (smoking),
papillary keratosis (wart like precancer)
Causes: attempted strangulation, fracture, surgical reconstruction
Fusing of vocal tissue, almost like a scab from scar tissue
Ventricular phonation
- Misuse
- the false vocal folds have bulked up over true vocal folds b/c of bulky vocal folds

Symptoms: normal symmetry, reduced amplitude, reduced mucosal wave
-Fluid- like buildup retention, swelling related to abuse and smoking

Location: Reinkes space (superficial), bliateral

- greater muscosal wave because of increased mass, decrease stiffness

- change diet to lower acid
- hydrate
- voice rest

Pachedema- posterior laryngeal swelling
Acoustics of Edema
Increased mass=
- lower fundamental frequency
- increased spectral noise
- increase amplitude variability
Intracordal Cysts
2 Types:
1)retention cyst (hard mucous)
2) epidermoid cyst (firm/round)

Location- on superficial layer of lamina propria(margin of vocal folds)

Symptom: hoarseness

Population affected- Young woman and professional voice users

Appearance: asymmetry, absence of mucosal wave, mass/stiffness affected
Sulcus Vocalis
Location: superficial layer
-furrow/ groove alond upper medial edge of epithelium

Symptom: hoarseness, diminished vibrational amp, little mucosal wave

Etiology uncertain, possibly abuse, congenital, trauma
Sulcus Vocalis laryngoscopic signs
- depression along edge of vf
- diminished vibrational amp
- little muscosal wave along vf edge
Polyps form blood supply and may hemmorhage,nodules do not

Location: unilateral

Etiology: traumatic

Simliar to nodule, differences in pathopysiology:
- larger, vasular, inflammatory

Symptoms: hoarsness, deep voice
Vocal Nodule
- hoarseness, recurrent
- benign
- blister like
- decreased phonotory onset/ endurance

Location: bilateral, on reinkes space (superficial layer)

Etiology: chronic abuse

Appearance: soft and watery at first, then turn hard

tx: voice therapy
Voal nodules pathophysiology
- submucosal edema
- hyalinization of reinkes space
- thickening of epithelium
- chronic behavior
- blister soft an water and turn hard