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Founder: Benedict of Nursia (550)

most popular rule

"Lectio Divinia" ~ Sacred Scriptures

Charism: "Ora et Labora" ~ Spirituality of prayer/work

Apostolates: Liturgical Press- Minnesota, St. Vincent's- Latrobe, PA
Founded out of respect for St. Augustine (1243)

Augustine wrote "City of God" and "Confessions"

rule later adopted by St. Norbert/Norbertines

Martin Luther- Reformation

Gregor Mendel- modern genetics

Matthew Carr- two aposotolates: Old St. Augustine (Philly), Villanova (1842)
Premonstratensians/ White Canons/ Canons Regular of Premontre

follow rule of St. Augustine

Charism: "Prepared for all good works"

Abbot Bernard Pennings- came to US (DePere, WI); had too many people- sent some to DE

^Archmere(1932) ("Pietate et Sciencia")- Fr. Justin Diny- 50 yrs dedication to Arch.
Order of Friars Minor

Founders: St. Francis of Assisi (1223), and St. Clare of Assisi- Poor Clares

Charism: Evangelical Poverty (poverty for the sake of the Gospel)

*Junipero Serra- California Missions
*Cardinal Sean O'Malley- Archbishop of Boston, worked to save Church from sex-scandal
*Fr. Stan Fortuna- rapper
Order of Preachers

Founded by St. Dominic Guzman

Charism: "Veritas" ~ truth

St. Thomas Aquinas- Great theologian, Thomism

Providence College
Society of Jesus

most influential order

Founder: Ignatius Loyola- soldier, is injured in battle, decides to become a "Soldier for God" ("Company of Friends")

Loyola's Spiritual Work: "Spiritual Exercises" (many retreats based on his work)

Charism: "Ad majorem Dei gloriam" ~ For the greater glory of God

Famous Missionaries: Francis Xavier; America- Marquette, Kino

Famous Colleges: B.C., Loyola, Fordham, St. Joseph's, Holy Cross, Georgetown
Society of St. Supice

Founder: Jean Jacques Olier (1641)

Ministry: training seminarians

Famous Seminary: St. Mary's Seminary (Baltimore-1791)
Founder: St. Alphonsus Liquori (1732)

St. John Neumann- American Saint, Bishop of Philadelphia
Christian Brothers
Brothers of the Christian Schools

Founder: Jean Baptiste de LaSalle (1680)

Laymen dedicate to serving God through education

Unique approach to teaching- taught delinquent boys- had them learn at their own rate, very practical

Motto: non-clerics teaching young boys

Apostolate: LaSalle University- "Teaching Comes First"
Congregation of the Holy Cross
Founder: Fr. Basil Moureau (1837- LeMans, France)

Charism: "Spes Unica" ~ The Cross is our only hope.

Famous Members: Fr. Ed Sorin (Notre Dame - 1842), Blessed Brother Andre Bessette, Fr. Theodore Hesburgh (N.D. '52-'87)

Apostolates: Notre Dame, St. Edmond's Academy
Oblates of St. Francis de Sales
Founder: Fr. Louis Brisson- gathered group of priests in late 1800s in honor of St. Francis

de Sales Famous Book: Introduction to the Devout Life

Charism: Vive Jesu

Apostolates: Salesianum, Nativity Prep
*The Media Order*

Missionary Society of St. Paul

Founder: Isaac Thomas Hecker (1888)

Dedication to English speaking Catholics

Primary focus of ministry: Converts

Centered in N.Y.C., very small order

Publications: "The Catholic World", "Paulist Press"
Catholic Foreign Mission Society (1912)

Founders: Frs. J. Walsh and T. Priece, Mother Mary Joseph

Focus of Ministries: serve in foreign countries as missionaries; service to South America, Asia, Africa
Founder: Joseph Slattery (Baltimore 1893)

Mission to African-Americans in cities
Congregation of the Holy Ghost

Founder: Claude Francis Poullart des Places (1703- during Pentecost)

Apostolates: Holy Ghost Prep, PA (Mr. Pomeroy); Duquesne (Pittsburgh)