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What is Active learning?
Active learning is to learn and acquire knowledge and skills and obtain or gain it through your own effort
What is Constructive Evaluation?
Constructive Evaluation takes place when you can seperate your behaviors or actions from yourself as a person
What is a Facilitator?
Facilitators are responsible for creating a learning environment in which learning can take place.
What is the First Ammendment?
Freedom of expression as long as you dont disrupt or infringe on the rights of others
What is a Formal Education?
Planned Organized learning
Pitfalls that can take place in adult learners, just because you made A's in high school doesn't mean you can expect to get A's now.
Informal Education
Experience and knowledge gained by every day life
Paradigm means a shift in thinking, Ex: changing emphasis from teaching to learning
Performance Evaluation
Observations of performance while in the clinical setting, they indicate knowledge growth and goal achievement
Positive mental attitude
PMA, Positive thoughts and actions about future success
Recycled Adult Learner
Educated Adults starting a new cycle in life, reasons for enrolling in school were: career change, attraction to nursing, new job skills; lack of jobs in which that person already has a degree
being referred to a counselero regarding absences and poor grades
Returning Adult Learner
Adult has been out of school for several years selecting a new career in mid life
Self directed learner
Mature, motivated adults who have set goals and made economic, personal, and ocial sacrifices to go back to school
Self evaluation
NLN states that you are responsible for evaluating your actions in order to be aware of strong behaviors
originally teaching was thought of as just lecturingg, it is now seen as a process where their is a relationship of responsibility between teacher and student.Encourages a wide range of teaching techniques
Traditional Adult Learner
Comes to educational program directly from highschool or another program of study