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A pictorial sketch that has been drawn as if it were viewed from one corner is known as?
The type of drawing that shortens the lines that project from front to back to one-half their original length is?
For orthographic drawing, the surface of the object with the most detail is shown in which view?
What drawing depict real life appearance, usually drawn to one or two-point vanishing points?
What type of sketch show the front view as if a person were looking directly at it?
The lines that outline the object and its major details must stand out. These solid lines are called?
Object lines
The lines with arrows or other terminators at the ends which extend between extension lines are called?
Dimension lines
In an orthographic sketch, the side view is perfectly in line with the front. What is this called?
The four advantages of CAD are speed, quality, ease of modification, and?
Cost Reduction
A short word which, when entered, causes the computer to perform a function is called a/an?
When utilizing the x,y and z coordinates in 3-D modeling, the z axis represents the?
Vertical axis
To view a particular part of a drawing more closely, the drafter would use which command?
A collection of tool buttons grouped together is called a?
Tool Bar
What method of graphic point location is used by all CAD systems as a standard?
Cartesian Coordinate System
A multi-view drawing that typically shows the front, right side, and top views is called?
In orthographic drawing, the top view's width dimensions is projected from which other view?
Two-Dimensional design packages store data for the?
X and Y points only
Three-Dimensional design packages store data fro the?
X, Y, and Z points
Generally, the front view consists of?
Width and height
Most detail drawings are what type of drawing?
CAD stands for?
Computer-aided design
After a mechanic has clearly defined the problem with a vehicle, the next step would be to?
Explore all possible solutions
It is important to follow a formal problem solving method because it?
Allows you to deal with problems logically
What would you do after exploring all possible solutions to a problem?
Act on the best solution
In problem solving, the process of action on a solution occurs after?
Exploring all possible solutions
A workable solution to a clearly defined problem is?
the best use of any problem solving method ends with?
The best possible solution
Before acting on a solution one should ALWAYS?
Explore all possible solutions
An electrician had acted on a chosen solution to a problem, what would the next step be?
Look back and evaluate the results
Evaluation of a solution reveals important new information, which can be used as?
If desired results are the input, then actual results are the?
What is the first step in problem soling?
Define the problem clearly
After acting on the best solution, you should?
Look back and evaluate the results
After you clearly define a problem, you should?
Explore all possible solutions
The explorations of all possible solutions is
Process task
Before exploring possible solutions you should?
Clearly define the problem
Input includes?
Evaluation of the process
During problem exploration it is important to?
include all possible solutions
Observation and evaluation of results?
Ends the process
What defines measurement?
The process of determining the size, amount, or extent of something
During the Bronze Age, the wheel was improved by using spokes. What is most significant about the improved wheel?
The mechanization of the farm and the invention of the steam engine mark the beginning of which age?
A rush of people moved from the farm to the city in which age?
Which unit of measurement is used for both weight and volume in the U.S. Customary System?
Sensors gathering measurements and then displaying them on an output device is an example of?
Indirect Measurement reading
What is the most significant technological development thus far in the information age?
Integrated circuit
Agriculture and irrigation were first developed in which age?
Stone Age
Pyramids are examples of architectural and construction techniques used in which age?
Bronze Age
Canal building dramatically improved shipping routes during which age?
Industrial Age
What is the basic unit of measurement for length in the Metric (SI) System?
When measuring units of volume, scientists utilize?
Calibrated containers
The invention of the printing press improved?
When measuring angles, the proper tool would be a?
Which unit of measurement is used for calculating area?
Square Feet
Joules and calories are used in the measurement of?
What are two measurement systems used in the world today?
Customary and SI
Horsepower and watts are a measurement of?
Measuring to precise, exact increments is referred to as?
Precision Measurements
What tool measure small objects MOST precisely?
What invention has enabled weather forecasters to monitor weather patterns more efficiently?
Doppler Radar
What invention led to the mass production of written material?
Printing press
What is a unit of measurement for energy?
The practice of comparing qualities of an object to a standard is?
How many miles is a bridge span of 10,560 feet?
What is the measurement for temperature in the SI metric system?
The freezing and boiling points of water respectively in the U.S. customary system are?
32 and 212
A calibrated container is used to measure?
An instrument that is used to measure mass is?
Weight Scale
Major migration toward cities began during the?
Industrial Age
A dam has the potential of meeting various human needs. One positive impact of a dam is?
providing water for the city
True or False: Technology always benefits the environment?
Laying out floor plans is an example of integrating which discipline into technology education?
Laws that govern human cloning are?
Discussing how various inventions impact people is am example of integrating which discipline into technology education?
Social Studies
When you study the history of technology, you are integrating disciplines from social studies and?
Technology assessment is a term that describes a variety of techniques for determines?
effects of interaction of technology and society.
Cutting down trees to build a parking lot is an example of how technology affects?
The use of computers to convey information serves which purpose of communication systems?
The vehicular subsystem that provides information concerning the control of a vehicle is known as the?
Guidance system
Providing chip clearance so that pieces of the material do not interfere with the positioning and machining is an example of?
Good Tooling Design
When you look back and evaluate, it enables you to?
Make adjustments if necessary
Messages can be retrieved from a
Storage Media
When it comes to parliamentary procedures, if no one seconds your motion, then it is considered to be?
In parliamentary procedures, which type of motion must be voted on before the main motion?
Subsidiary motion
Sometimes you speech can be complex. In such a case, before you end your speech, your main points should be?
Once you make a motion, you should wait for it to be?
What is used to automate repetitive calculations?
Which software type is useful for integrating different types of media together?
A device that can detect the absence or presence of a condition is know as a/an?
For a database, what represents all the same type of data and is a column heading?
Electrical current flows from?
Negative to Positive
Someone who is able to use, manage, understand, and access technology is considered to be?
Technologically literate
The student organization for technology education is?
Technology Student Association
the acronym for our problem solving method is?
Town homes and condominiums are examples of?
How many basic forms of energy are there?
The amount of work in a given amount of time is?
Stored energy is
Potential energy
The use of liquid to transmit energy is
Energy in motion is
Kinetic energy