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Jim's 3 ALWAYS
1. have all music
2. be on time
3. positive attitude
What is the minimum daily practice, and what should you do?
10 minutes, warm ups
What are the 4 practice areas?
pitch, rhythm, text, breathing
What should you record in a practice log?
1. start/stop time
2. what worked on
3. challenges/breakthroughs
4. what to work on next
What was the big European influence on modern m.t.?
What are the two kinds of operas?
1. comic opera
2. operetta
What were the early American influences on modern m.t.? (there are 6)
1. vaudeville
2. burlesque
3. minstrel shows
4. extravaganza
5. revue
6. musical comedy
What did Florenz Ziegfeld call himself?
Impersario Extroardinaire
What were the main components of the Ziegfeld Folloies? (5 of them)
1. spectacular settings
2. big production numbers
3. beautiful women
4. novelty acts
5. tableaus
When was George M. Cohan born, and where did he get his training?
1878, vaudeville
What was George M. Cohan's first success?
Little Johnny Jones (1904)
Who is the only performer to have a statue in Times Square?
George M. Cohan
What was Bert Williams signature dance and song?
cake walk, "nobody"
What were two stipulations that Bert Williams set down when Ziegfeld signed him in 1910?
1. no touring in south
2. won't appear on stage with white women
What was the first all black musical on Broadway?
"In Dahomey" -- 1903
Where was Irving Berlin from, and when did he arrive in America?
Russia, 1893
Where did Irving Berlin begin his career, and what was his first hit?
tin pan alley, "my sweet mary from sunny italy" in 1907
Who wrote 24 Broadway shows in the period of 1914 - 1962 including "this is the army" (cast of soldiers on july 4, 1942)?
Irving Berlin
Fanny Brice (1910) was famous for her comic, mimic, singing, and dancing acts, but what song showed her serious side?
"My Man"
What was significant about WWI?
patriotic themes beat out other types of shows; George M. Cohan was a big patriot
What was the Actor's Strike also referred to?
The Red Summer of 1919
What were stipulations set by the actor's after winning the strike in 1919?
1. dont provide costumes
2. paid rehearsal
3. transportation for out of town events
Who was the producer, who wrote the music, and who wrote the lyrics/book for Showboat in 1927?
1. Florenz Ziegfeld
2. Jerome Kern
3. Oscar Hammerstein
What was significant about Showboat at the end?
there was no curtain call which emphasized story, not performers
What was Marilyn Miller's hit show?
"Sally" with music by Jerome Kern; 1918
What was the decade of the "age of wonderful nonsense"?
1920's -- optimism
In 1927 __ musicals were on broadway and __ theatres were built.
50, 8
Al Jolson, born in 1883, came from...?
Eastern Europe, Jewish immigrant
What was Al Jolson's famous song?
"love will find a way"
What was the 1921 show created and performed by black artists (music by Eubie Blake)?
"Shuffle Along"
What was the famous dance created in the George White Scandals?
The Charleston
George Gershwin (1898) began wrting music in ____ and wrote "swanny" for ____
tin pan alley, al jolson
In the 1920's George Gershwin wrote __ George White Scandals and __ musicals himself
4, 7
What was the first big show for the songwriting team of George and Ira Gershwin?
"Lady Be Good" - 1924
Richard Rodgers was the ___ and Lorenz Hart was the ___ in the famous songwriting duo
musician, lyricist
What was Rodgers and Hart's first big song in 1925, and second big song in 1928
"Manhattan," "A Connecticut Yankee"
In 1927 Rodgers and Hart had __ shows on Broadway
The last show that Rodgers and Hart did as a team was ___
"Pal Joey" - class and trash affair
What was the first full length movie with speaking and music, and who starred in it?
"The Jazz Singer," Al Jolson in 1927
What caused the downfall of Broadway at the end of the 1920's? (2 things)
1. crash of stock market
2. movies/ "talkies"
What Broadway talent moved to Hollywood for salary and jobs at the end of the 1920's?
Gershwin's, Ziegfeld, Astaire's, Berlin, Miller
In the 1930's, what was the theme on Broadway?
social commentary & relationship to bad times
What was the "anthem" of the 1930's?
"brother can you spare a dime" - Bring Crosby & Yip Harburg
What sho won the pulitzer prize in 1932?
"of thee i sing" - Gershwin
Why did Ethel Zimmerman change her name to Ethel Merman?
to fit the marquee
What was Ethel Merman's big 1930 show?
"Girl Crazy" (song - I Got Rhythm)
What was Ethel Waters nickname?
sweet mama string bean
What controversial, moving song did Ethel Waters sing in Berlin's show "As Thousands Cheer"?
"Suppertime" - song about lynching
Where was Ethel Waters born?
the bloody 8th - philadelphia
What was Cole Porters first big song in 1928?
"Let's Do It"
What was Cole Porter's most successful show?
Anything Goes
Who wrote "Porgy & Bess," and what was it based on?
Gershwin, best selling novel "Porgy"
When did "Porgy & Bess" open?
What was the last thing that Gershwin wrote before he died in 1937 of a brain tumor?
"Porgy & Bess"
In 1936 ___ & ___ created the classical ward of the Federal Theatre
Orson Wells & John Houseman
What was the 3rd production that was controversial of the federal theatre?
"The Cradle Will Rock"
When "The Cradle Will Rock" was shut down 3 days before premiere, what did the cast decide to do?
perform it as audience members
What are 4 characteristics of Vaudeville?
1. clean/family friendly
2. comedy
3. variety show
4. singing/dancing/acting
What are 3 characteristics of a burlesque?
1. not family oriented
2. lower/middle class making fun of upper society
3. comic
Who was Lydia Thompson?
burlesque performer, pop songs, bawdy