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(int.) "Farewell!";
(n.) a farewell
As my friends boarded the airplane, I waved and shouted "__________! Have a safe trip."
WHen the hour grew late, the last of the dinner guests made their ___________ to their gracious hosts.
SYN: (int.) "So long"; (n.) good-bye
ANT: (int.) "Hello"; (n.) greeting
(n.) an arrival; a coming into place or view
The ___________ of spring is particularly welcome after a long, harsh winter.
SYN: approach
ANT: departure, going away, exodus
(n.) the highest point, tip
If you want to reach the __________ of the Washington Monument, you can take the stairsor an elevator.
SYN: peak, summit, acme, crowning point
ANT: bottom, nadir
(v.) to absorb fully or make one's own; to adopt as one's own; to adapt fully.
A well-read person __________ knowledge of a wide range of subjects.
SYN: digest, incorporate, blend in
(adj.) false, counterfeit
Cashiers receive special training so that they will be able to identify ___________ currency.
SYN: phony, fake, spurious
ANT: genuine, authentic
(adj.) unreasonably high; excessive
Management rejected the union's demands for higher wages and bettter benefits as ___________.
SYN: extreme, inordinate, overpriced
ANT: inexpensive, affordable, reasonable
(n.) the time between;
(adj.) temporary, coming between two points in time
In the ___________ between landing and takeoff, the ground crew cleaned and refueled the plane.
The team played well under an __________ coach for the final three months of the season.
SYN: (n.) interval, interlude; (adj.) provisional, stopgap
(v.) to flood, overflow;
to overwhelm by numbers or size
Torrential rains and high tides __________ the streets of the picturesque seaside community.
SYN: submerge, deluge, swamp
(v.) to speak evil of, slander;
(adj.) evil
In every office, there are gossips who are only too willing to ___________ their coworkers.
Iago reveals his __________ motives to the audience in a series of soliloquies.
SYN: (v.)defame, vilify, badmouth; (adj.) wicked
ANT: (v.) praise, commend; (adj.) kind, benevolent
(v.) to wander about, wind about;
(n.) a sharp turn or twist
When I travel, I like to __________ through unfamiliar towns and cities.
Lombard Street in San Francisco is famous for its many ____________.
SYN: (v.) ramble, roam, zigzag, twist
(n.) a large city, the chief city of an area
Archaeologists have learned much about the mayans from the ruins of the __________ Palenque.
SYN: large urban center
ANT: hamlet, village
(adj.) very important
A __________ decision by the Supreme Court in 1954 declared public school segregation unconstitutional.
SYN: consequential, weighty, portentous
ANT: inconsequential, trivial, slight, unimportant
(adj.) noisy, unruly, disorderly
Our teacher will not tolerate __________ behavior in the classroom.
SYN: wild, rowdy, uncontrolled, riotous
ANT: quiet, well-behaved, docile
(adj.) thoughtful, melancholy
We admired the skill with which the artist captured the child's ___________ expression.
SYN: dreamy, reflective, contemplative, wistful
(adj.) dangerous
Episodes of old-time movie serials usually ended with the hero or heroine in __________ circumstances.
SYN: risky, chancy, hazardous, unsafe
ANT: safe, secure, harmless
(adj.) of poor quality;
characterized by inferior workmanship
That designer watch I bought from a street vendor turned out to be a __________ knockoff.
SYN: flimsy, cheap, tacky, imitative
ANT: well-made, solid, durable, superior
(adj.) lively, full of life;
spicy, flavorful
Though Grandmother is well into her eighties, she is still as __________ as a teenager.
SYN: frisky, peppy, spirited, animated, buoyant
ANT: sullen, spiritless, dull, morose, sluggish
(adj.) angry and bad-tempered;
Passengers stranded in an airport because thier flight is cancelled may become quite __________.
SYN: gruff, sullen, cranky, grouchy, hostile
ANT: polite, gracious, civil, friendly, genial
(n.) a long, angry speech, usually very critical
The dictator's televised __________ against his opponents lasted for four hours.
SYN: harangue, diatribe, tongue-lashing
(n.) an idle wanderer, tramp;
(adj.) wandering aimlessly
During the Great Depression, many people lost everything and were forced to live as __________.
Advertisers continually vie with one another to capture the __________ attention of fickle consumers.
SYN: (n.) drifter, vagabond, hobo, nomad
ANT: (n.) stay-at-home, homebody, resident