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Corrode (v.)
To rott away slowly.

The ocean water corrodes the rocks because of the salt.
Covert (adj.)
Secret or hidden.

The FBI's mission was so covert that it was impossible for the enemy to figure it out.
Crag (n.)
High or steep rock.

I jumped off the crag and into the lake below.
Cursory (adj.)
Done without attention to details.

You could tell the cursory of the artwork ashamed the artist.
Defame (v.)
Say false or harmful things.

Celebrities are constantly defamed by magazines with rumours.
Dejection (n.)
Unhappy or disappointment.

My dejection towards my boyfriend was completely serious.
Deluge (v.)

The deluge in Sacramento was strange and only happened once last year.
Resident or citizen.

We are all denizens of the United States.
Divulge (v.)
To give away information.

The suspect would not divulge any information to the Police.
Domicile (n.)
A home.

I hate how animals domiciles are being cut down and taken away.
Dutiful (adj.)
Careful to fufill obligations.

I never seem to be dutiful to my parents even if I get in trouble.
Efface (v.)
Rub or wipe out.

The girl effaces the dry skin off her legs after tanning.
Eloquent (adj.)
Marked with fluent expression.

The President did not speak very eloquently last night.
Eminence (n.)
A position or rank or superiority.

My dad is always saying how he has the eminence of the family.
Emulate (v.)
Try hard to equal or surpass.

I hate how my sister tries to emulate me in school.
Enmity (n.)
Mutual hatred.

I felt enmity towards my boyfriends after he lied to me again.
Exonerate (v.)
To declare someone is not to blame.

I wish the everybody would just exonerate the kind man from his small crime.
Facetious (adj.)
Trying to be funny but it is really just inappropriate.

I feel bad for Dominick when people say that he is facetious because he really is just a funny person.
Fallacious (adj.)
Fake or mistaken belief or statement.

I could not believe the fallacious remark he made.
Furtive (adj.)
Trying not to be seen.

He glanced furtively at her so that she would not notice he liked her.