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definition of "pique"
verb: to cause another's pride to be wounded; to excite curiosity or interest.
definition of "plagiarism"
noun: taking another's thoughts or words and using them as one's own. Syn: appropriation, theft, piracy. Ant: composition, creation, origination.
definition of "plebeian"
noun/adj: one of the common people; common or vulgar. Syn: proletarian, undistinguished. Ant: aristocrat, patrician, distinguished.
definition of "precocious"
adj: developed earlier than usual, especially mentally. Syn: premature, forward, advanced. Ant: backward, retarded, obtuse.
definition of "predatory"
adj: inclined to rob or prey on others. Syn: pillaging, despoiling. Ant: nurturing.
definition of "prowess"
noun: Unusual skill or ability; heroism in battle. Syn: dexterity, bravery, valor. Ant: timidity, trepidation, vacillation.
definition of "pugnacious"
adj: eager and ready to fight; quarrelsome. Syn: combative, belligerent, aggressive, militant. Ant: placid, pacific, peaceful.
definition of "purloin"
verb: to steal.
definition of "pusillanimous"
adj: cowardly, fearful. Syn: fainthearted, timid. Ant: brave, bold.
definition of "quell"
verb: to put an end to; to allay or quiet. Syn: abate, pacify, subdue. Ant: agitate, aggravate, instigate.
definition of "quixotic"
adj: extremely idealistic; not practical. Syn: impractical. Ant: realistic, practical.
definition of "rabble"
noun: a disorderly crowd, a mob; the lowest class of people. Syn: riffraff, populace.
definition of "rabid"
adj: intense; furious or raging; mad. Syn: violent, extreme. Ant: calm, tame.
definition of "raconteur"
noun: a person skilled at telling stories or anecdotes.
definition of "raillery"
noun: good-humored ridicule; banter.
The _____ "man" means _____
root; "hand"
The _______ "nat, nas" means _______
root; "born"
The _______ "escent" means _______
suffix; "becoming"