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aedificium, aedificiī, n.
building, structure
iniūria, iniūriae, f.
injustice, injury, wrong
mulier, mulieris, f.
trānsitus, trānsitūs, m.
passing over, transit; transition
ventus, ventī, m.
cupidus, cupida, cupidum
desirous, eager, fond; +gen., desirous of, eager for
līberālis, līberāle
of/relating to a free person; worthy of a free man, decent, liberal; generous
necessary, inevitable
(indecl. adj. uses as nom. or acc.)
vetus, gen. veteris
as if, as it were
(adv. or conj.)
ambulō, ambulāre, ambulāvī, ambulātum
to walk
experior, experīrī, expertus sum
to try, test; experience
lībō, lībāre, lībāvī, lībātum
to pour a libation of, on; pour ritually; sip; touch gently
oportet, oportēre, oportuit
it is proper, right, necessary
oppugnō, oppugnāre, oppugnāvī, oppugnātum
to fight against, attack, assault, assail
ōrnō, ōrnāre, ōrnāvī, ōrnātum
to equip, furnish, adorn
pernoctō, pernoctāre, pernoctāvī, pernoctātum
to spend/occupy the night
trānseō, trānsīre, trānsiī, trānsitum
to go across, cross; pass over, ignore