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Because of their fortuitous and unexpected meetings, their office realtionship was always interesting.
The file for the covert mission was kept in the Top Secret folder.
hidden, disguised, a sheltered place
There is always sheer bedlam on the one day a year people come to buy stocks.
Sean Connery played James Bond, a debonair, slick spy, who always smooth talked his way out of a murder.
pleasant in manners and appearance
One of our assignments was to provide annotations for the novel Uncle Tom's Cabin.
-critical explanatory note
The instructor stopped as she was reading the article every few minutes to give the students the gist of it, as it was packed in difficult language.
-essence, main point
The clutter in the storage room accrued over the years, making it now impossible to walk in.
-to grow over the course of time, to happen as a natural result
The money-lender appeared at the door every day, hands open, to dun their customers.
-demand insistently, creditor, dark/dull/dingy
If she had panicked instead of acting with equanimity as the plpane began to crash, she would not have been able to save the 200 people on her plane.
-calmness, refusal to panic
their antidiluvian ideals of child discipline caused them to continue hitting thier child.
-realting to ancient times
The provocative, opinionated article in the paper about the upcoming election caused thousands of letters of rage to pour in to the editor.
- tending to produce strong feelings, something that provokes.
Many low-wage jobs are not sedentary, they require much demanding physical activity.
-continued sitting
Her imperious attitude in her job earned her the title "Bossy girl".
-overbearing, arrogant, seeking to dominate
His advice on cold remedies was gratuitous when I had already tried all the things he was prating about.
-freely given, not called for
The best way to get things done is to do them right aaway when you remeber them, rather than procrastinate.
-delay, put off till later
He passed all the hardest classes in his school, so he went to a genius school where he learned recondite studies.
- exceeding extraordinary knowledge, profound
The munificent donation of 8 million dollars to the school allowed them to have a brand new wing built AND create exit interviews.
Allowing my sister o enter my room was inimical to my havily focused sewing projecct.
-harmful, unfavorable, unfriendly
The motley volleyball team almost looked comical, some large, some small, some 6'4 and others 3'2.
- showing diversity or variety
- composed of different elements or colors
The gratuitous invective thrown at the little girl by the bully made the girl run away and cry.
- abusive language adj, abusive language n.
There are always the reprobates insociety that upset the moralists and humanitarians.
- unpricipled person , vicious,
-to disapprove of, condemn