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civilian (n)
person who is not a member of the military, police, or fire-fighting forces
complicated (adj)
hard to understand, elaborate, complex, intricate
concur (v)
agree, coincide, be of the same opinion
confirm (v) confirmation (n)
(v)state or prove the truth of, substantiate, verify (n) proof, verification, evidence
digress (v)
turn aside, get off the main topic, deviate
fragile (adj)
easily broken, breakable, weak, frail
galore (adj)
aplenty, in abundance, plentiful, abundant (galore always follows the word it modifies)
genuine (adj)
actually being what it is claimed or seems to be, true, real, authentic
hostile (adj)
of or relating to an enemy or enemies, unfriendly, inimical
impatient (adj)
not patient, not willing to bear delay, fretful, anxious
inter (v) interment (n)
(V): put into the earth, bury, entomb (N): burial, entombment, sepulture
mitigate (v)
make less severe, lessen, alleviate, soften, relieve
novice (n)
one who is new to a field or activity, beginner, neophyte, tyro
original (n) original (adj) originality (n)
(n): work from which copies are made, prototype, archetype(adj):1: beginning, first, earliest, initial, primary 2: inventive, creative(n)freshness,novelty,
rarity (n)
something uncommon, infrequent, or rare
resume (v)
1. begin again 2. retake, reoccupy
shrink (v)
1. draw back, recoil,wince 2. become smaller, contract
sober (adj)
1. not drunk or intoxicated 2. earnest, serious,free from excitement or exaggeration
suffice (v)
be enough, adequate or sufficient, serve,do
vacant (adj) vacancy (n)
(adj):empty, unoccupied, tenantless,not being used ( n): unfilled position,unoccupied apartment or room
adjourn (v)
close a meeting,suspend the business of a meeting, disband, recess
astute (adj)
sagacious 2. crafty, cunning, wily,sly
censure (v)
act of blaming, expression of disapproval, hostile criticism,rebuke,reprimand
demolish (v) demolition (n)
(v): tear down, distroy,raze, smash, wreck (n): destruction
discharge (V)
1. unload
2. dismiss or fire
dissent (v)
dissension (n)
(v): differ in opinion, disagree or object
(n): discord, conflict, strife
equitable (adj)
inequitable (n)
(adj):fair to all concerned, just,impartial,objective,
(n):unfair, unjust
exonerate (v)
free from blame,clear from accusation,acquit, absolve
extemporaneous (adj)
composed of or spoken without preparation, offhand,impromptu,improvised
extricate (v)
free from difficulties,disentangle,
disencumber, release
forfeit (v)
lose or have to give up as a penalty for some error, neglect,or fault, sacrifice
illegible (adj)
(adj 1)not able to be read,very hard to read,not legible,undecipherable (adj 2) easy to read, readable
inadvertantly (adv)
not done on purpose,unintentionally, thoughtlessly, accidently,carelessly
inappropriate (adj)
approrriate (adj)
(adj 1) not fitting, unsuitable, unbecoming,not appropriate, improper
(adj 2) fitting, proper
lucrative (adj)
advantageous, remunerative
permanent (adj)
lasting,enduring,intended to last, stable
prohibit (v)
prohibition (n)
(v): forbid, ban, enjoin,interdict
(n): ban, taboo, interdiction
punctual (adj)
punctuality (n)
(adj): on time, prompt, timely (n): promptness
rebuke (v)
express disproval of, criticize sharply,censure severely, reprimand,reprove
transient (adj)
transient (n)
(adj): not lasting, passing soon,fleeting, short-lived,momentary,ephemeral,
transitory (n)guest staying for only a short period of time