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tap (into) sth
to make use of a source of energy, knowledge, etc. that already exists: We need to tap the expertise and skill of the people we already have. The movie seems to tap into a general sentimentality about animals.
kick (noun)
a strong feeling of excitement and pleasure: I get a kick out of driving fast cars. He gets his kicks from skiing. What do you do for kicks?
up to snuff
up to par
up to scratch
Satisfactory, up to a given standard, as in She didn't feel up to par today so she stayed home, or I'm sure he'll come up to scratch when the time comes, or She's up to snuff again.
to take too long to do sth, go somewhere or make a decision: Don't dilly-dally on the way home from school.
hand and foot
With concerted, never-ending effort: had to wait on them hand and foot.
to spend a lot of money on sth that you do not really need