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(di-SPON-dent), adjective

Feeling depression of spirits from loss of hope, confidence, or courage; dejected

The soldiers were despondent after the loss of the battle.
(DIE-a-log), noun

A conversation between two or more people. The words spoken by the characters in a play or story.

The dialogue of the comedy was very funny.
(di-VULG), transitive verb

To make known; reveal; tell

Robert will divulge his secrets to me since I am his best friend.
(e-KLEK-tic), adjective

Choosing the best from various sources

Eric Clapton is an eclectic musician who can play anything from classical music to rock and roll on the guitar.
(e-LIPS), noun

A figure that forms a closed curve shaped like an oval with both ends alike.

An ellipse can be formed by intersecting a cone with a plane that is not parallel or perpendicular to the cone's base.