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(bam-BOO-zel), transitive verb

To deceive by elaborate trickery.

The con man bamboozled the old lady into giving him all the money in her savings account.
(bi-ZAR), adjective

Very strange or odd.

The woman had on a bizarre hat with stuffed birds sitting on the brim.
(BOY-stir-us), adjective

Rough and stormy; violent. Noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline.

The boisterous students cheered wildly at the pep rally.
(BOY-cot), transitive verb or noun

Verb - to act together in refusing to buy from or deal with a person, business, or nation, especially as an expression of protest.

We boycotted the store.

Noun - a refulsal to buy from or deal with a person, business, or nation, especially as a form of protest. A refusal to buy or use a product or service.

The students organized a boycott against the lunchroom after they were served ham sandwiches for three days in a row.
(KAM-a-flaj), noun

A method of concealing military troops or equipment by making them appear to be part of the natural surroundings. Protective coloring or a disguise that conceals. Cloth or other material used for camouflage.