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(NEE-uh-fite), noun
A beginner or novice at some task or endeavor. Someone who has recently converted or who has recently joined a religious order but has not yet taken vows to join an order.

Freshmen are truly neophyte in high school, but they manage to adjust and learn very quickly.
(ahm-NIH-puh-tent), adj.
Possessing complete, universal, unlimited power and authority. All-powerful; often used in reference to a deity.

The framers of the United States Constitution sought to avoid making any branch of government omnipotent, so they created a system of checks and balances between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.
(OSS-truh-size), verb
To exclude or banish someone from a group, formally or informally.

It's harsh when teens ostracize someone who was once a friend.
(pah-SAY), adj.
Out of date or no longer fashionable. No longer in prime condition.

It was once thought that jean jackets were passe`, but fashion trends do return when least expected.
(REK-tuh-fie), verb
To make something right; to correct an error. Technically, to purify a substance through distillation.

As people get older, they are often inspired to rectify past mistakes, particularly those associated with family and friends.