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(LIH-tuh-rut), adj.
Having the ability to read and write. Well educated; skilled and cultured, particularly in regard to literature and writing. A good understanding of a particular subject.

Literate students are a teacher's delight.
(LIH-vid), adj.
Discolored, as in a bruise. Very angry.
(miss-kun-STROO), verb
To understand or interpret incorrectly; misinterpret. To make an error of analysis.

Many of the candidate's statements were misconstrued, and she lost the election by a landslide.
(muh-ROCE), adj.
Having a withdrawn or gloomy personality; melancholy or sullen.

As the shells landed closer, the enemy soldiers grew more and more morose as their chances of survival lessened.
(NEH-muh-sus), noun
A bitter enemy, especially one who seems unbeatable. An opponent motivated by revenge; one who will stop at nothing to settle a score or inflict punishment.

Although he fought many other criminals, Batman's nemesis was truly the Joker.