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define lassitude
weariness, lack of energy
define foment
promoting trouble or rebellion
define implicit
not expressed openly
define amorphous
shapeless, not pertaining to any sort of character or organization
define precept
a rule
define selpulchral
gloomy, death-like
define transmute
to change from one state to another
define collate
to compare similarities or differences, to arrange in a specific order
define politic
prudent, tactful, to act with diplomacy
define dissension
define fractious
tending to be troublesome
define dilatory
tending to procrastinate
define prolific
abundantly productive
define infirmity
a weakness or ailment
define resilient
elastic, able to change back quickly
define remit
to send (money), to cancel a debt
define aver
define petulant
easily irritated
define contiguous
define paragon
a model of perfection
define contingent
likely but not certain; a group pertaining to a larger body
define inscrutable
impossible to see through or understand
define vapid
define tenuous
flimsy, vague
define palpable
capable of being touched or felt, easily recognized
define expostulate
to attempt to dissuade from a certain course by reasoning
define turgid
filled to excess
define ignoble
define expedite
to cause to progress faster, to facilitate
define provincial
define recondite
unusually smart, exceeding usual smarts
define specious
deceptively good or valid
define caveat
word to the wise
define repudiate
to disavow, deny the truth of
define disseminate
scatter, spread widely
define occult
define callow
define penury
define onus
a burden
define avarice
a greedy desire
define scourge
to punish severely, a source of severe punishment or critisism
define insular
relating to an island, narrow in outlook
define megalomania
delusion of wealth, power, talent
define innuendo
indirect suggestion