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approach (verb) (noun)
(verb) to come close to
(noun) the act of coming close
Synonym: near
Antonym: avoid
approve (verb)
have a high opinion of
Synonym: endorse
Antonym: reject
glory (noun)
great honor or praise
Synonym: praise
Antonym: disgrace
magnificent (adjective)
very grand and fine
Synonym: superb
Antonym: plain
meek (adjective)
not courageous or strong
Synonym: mild
Antonym: strong
prompt (adjective)(verb)
(adjective) on time
(verb)to move someone to action
Synonym: punctual
Antonym: discourage
revive (verb)
to bring back to life
Synonym: resuscitate
Antonym: kill
tradition (noun)
a custom or belief, or idea that is passed down
Synonym: custom
watchful (adjective)
always noticing what is happening
Synonym: aware
Antonym: sleepy
wreckage (noun)
what is left of something that has been destroyed
Synonym: ruins
Grade 3 Vocabulary Unit 9
Grade 3 Vocabulary Unit 9