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actual (adjective)
happening in fact or reality
Synonym: real
Antonym: false
brink (noun)
very edge
Synonym: edge
chill (noun) (verb)
(noun) a feeling of coldness
(verb) to make cold
Synonym: coldness
Antonym: warm up
conquer (verb)
to defeat
Synonym: win
Antonym: submit to
fortunate (adjective)
having or bringing good luck
Synonym: blessed
Antonym: unlucky
fury (noun)
strong anger, rage
Synonym: rage
intend (verb)
to plan to do something
Synonym: plan
pattern (noun) (verb)
(noun) a repeated design
(verb) to make or follow according to a model or design
Synonym: model
vibrant (adjective)
full of life, energy
Antonym: dull
wit (noun)
talent to describe things or people in a funny way
Synonym: cleverness
Antonym: stupidity