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ability (noun)
the power or skill to do something
Synonym: skill
Antonym: powerlessness
avoid (verb)
to keep away from
Synonym: escape
Antonym: seek
bashful (adjective)
shy, not at ease, especially in a social setting
Synonym: shy
Antonym: bold
brief (adjective)
short in time, amount, or length
Synonym: short
Antonym: lengthy
compete (verb)
to try for something, such as a prize; to take part in a game or contest; against each other
Synonym: strive
consider (verb)
to think about or pay attention to
Synonym: study
Antonym: decline
delightful (adjective)
very pleasing, wonderful
Synonym: lovely
Antonym: disagreeable
honor (noun and verb)
(N) great respect
(V) to respect or value something
Synonym: respect
Antonym: humiliate
reflex (noun)
an automatic response, usually very quick
Synonym: response
remark (noun and verb)
(n) a short statement
(v) to say, mention; give an opinion
Synonym: comment