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absorb (verb)
to soak up or take in; to keep the attention of
Synonym: consume
Antonym: discharge
amateur (noun)
someone who does something for pleasure and not for money; someone who does not have much experience
Synonym: beginner
Antonym: professional
channel (noun)
(n)the deepest part of a river; a body of water that links two larger ones; a long, narrow groove; a band of radio waves; a course of action
(v)to make a long, narrow groove; to direct or focus
Synonym: passage
elegant (adjective)
showing beauty, high quality and good taste
Synonym: stylish
Antonym: crude
grace (noun) (verb)
(n)ease and beauty of movement; a charming or pleasing quality; a short prayer at meals
(v) to add beauty or honor to
Synonym: (n)a short prayer
Antonym: (n)ugliness
inspect (verb)
to look over closely
Synonym: examine
lame (adjective)
stiff, sore, or not able to move properly; weak, not satisfactory
Synonym: disabled
Antonym: strong
suspend (verb)
to hang in order to allow free movement; to stop for a time, interrupt; to bar from a position or privilege
Synonym: hang
Antonym: continue
tiresome (adjective)
annoyingly dull or exhausting; unexciting
Synonym: boring
Antonym: interesting
tranquil (adjective)
free from trouble or disturbance, peaceful and quiet
Synonym: calm
Antonym: noisy
Grade 3 Unit 15
Grade 3 Unit 15