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advantage (noun)
something that puts someone in a better position
Synonym: benefit
Antonym: drawback
ambition (noun)
a strong desire for importance or success, a goal
Synonym: aspiration
defiant (adjective)
showing strong resistance; willing to challenge or confront
Synonym: rebellious
Antonym: submissive
frightening or alarming
Synonym: scary
Antonym: comforting
imply (verb)
to suggest something without saying it directly
Synonym: hint
Antonym: announce
merit (noun) (verb)
(n)a quality that deserves praise
(v)to be worthy of, deserve
Synonym: virtue
negotiate (verb)
to discuss in order to arrive at an agreement
Synonym: discuss
purify (verb)
to make clean and free of dirt or pollutants
Synonym: clean
Antonym: pollute
revoke (verb)
to cancel by withdrawing or reversing
Synonym: cancel
Antonym: provide
wretched (adjective)
very unhappy or unfortunate, miserable; very poor in quality
Synonym: depressed
Antonym: happy
Grade 3 Unit 14
Grade 3 Unit 14