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large or more than enough; plentiful
Synonym: plentiful
Antonym: meager
barrier (noun)
something that blocks or bars movement or passage
Synonym: blocking
Antonym: entrance
conceive (verb)
to start something; to think up or begin to understand
Synonym: think of
formal (adjective)
following strict rules or customs; requiring fancy clothes and fine manners
Synonym: official
Antonym: casual
inquire (verb)
to ask about
Synonym: ask
Antonym: reply
penalize (verb)
to punish
Synonym: discipline
Antonym: reward
charming, quaint
Synonym: beautiful
Antonym: drab
predator (noun)
one that destroys or devours others; an animal that stalks and eats other animals
Synonym: bandit
privilege (noun)
a special right, benefit, or permission
Synonym: right
slumber (verb) (noun)
(v) to sleep lightly
(n) a sleep or light sleep
Synonym: (v&n) nap
Antonym: awake
Grade 3 Unit 13
Grade 3 Unit 13