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admirable (adjective)
deserving praise
Synonym: excellent
Antonym: inferior
automatic (adjective)
done without thought or will; done by a machine
Synonym: involuntary
Antonym: deliberate
devotion (noun)
loyalty and affection
Synonym: attachment
Antonym: disloyalty
distant (adjective)
far away; not friendly
Synonym: far
Antonym: close
dreary (adjective)
gloomy or dismal; without cheer, comfort, or enthusiasm
Synonym: gloomy
Antonym: cheery
exhaust (verb)(noun)
(v) to use up; to wear out
(n) the escape of gas from an engine
Synonym: (v)tire out
Antonym: (v)invigorate
kindle (verb)
to get a fire going; to stir up or to start something
Synonym: ignite
Antonym: extinguish
predict (verb)
to guess what is going to happen
Synonym: forecast
separation (noun)
the act or condition of being apart
Synonym: detachment
Antonym: attachment
stunt (verb) (noun)
(v)to stop or slow down the growth of
(n)an act that shows great strength, bravery or skill
Synonym: (v)hamper (n)feat
Antonym: (v)encourage
Grade 3 Unit 12
Grade 3 Unit 12