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(noun) (verb)
(noun) a curved structure that serves as an opening and as a support
(verb) to form a curve
(adjective) main; playful; mischievous
Synonyms: (n&v)curve; archway, mischievous
Antonym: (adj)lesser
authentic (adjective)
being the real thing; worthy of belief, true
Synonym: actual
Antonym: fake
clarify (verb)
to say clearly or make easier to understand
Synonym: explain
Antonym: complicate
declare (verb)
to state strongly; to make a formal or an official statement
Synonym: state
Antonym: deny
grant (verb) (noun)
(verb)to permit or allow; to admit that something is true
(noun) something that is given
Synonym: (v&n) award
Antonym: (v)refuse
grave (noun) (adjective)
(noun)a hole in the ground where someone is buried
(adjective) very important and requiring much attention
Synonym: (n)tomb
(adj) critical
Antonym: (adj) cheerful
modest (adjective)
not thinking too highly of oneself, not boastful
Synonym: shy
Antonym: vain
opponent (noun)
someone who is set against another
Synonym: foe
Antonym: partner
valid (adjective)
supported by facts or evidence, true
Synonym: true
Antonym: invalid
yearn (verb)
to long for
Synonym: wish
Grade 3 Unit 11
Grade 3 Unit 11