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audible (adjective)
capable of being heard
Synonym: loud
consume (verb)
to eat or drink, especially in large amounts; to use up
Synonym: deplete
glide (verb)
to move smoothly and easily
Synonym: cruise
origin (noun)
the cause or beginning
Synonym: start
Antonym: finish
prevent (verb)
to stop from happening
Synonym: prohibit
Antonym: allow
punctuate (verb)
to mark with periods, commas, and other signs
Synonym: interrupt
(noun) (adjective)
(noun) a typical example, someone who acts for another
(adjective)having to do with elected members
Synonym: example; delegate
Antonym: atypical
scorn (noun) (verb)
(noun) a feeling that something is worthless
(verb)to act with contempt toward an object or a person; to make fun of
Synonym: disrespect
Antonym: praise
stout (adjective)
large and heavy in build; physically strong and sturdy
Synonym: heavy, brave
Antonym: thin, cowardly
woe (noun)
great sorrow or suffering;
Synonym: sadness
Antonym: joy
Unit 10 Grade 3
Unit 10 Grade 3