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wariness displayed by infants when encountering an unfamiliar person 6-12 mos
Stranger Anxiety
distress displayed by infants when a customary care provider departs 7-8 months
Separation Anxiety
Smiling in response to other people
Social Smile
Intentionally looking at how other's respond to help explain the meaning of uncertain circumstances and events 8-9 mos
Social Referencing
Knowledge and beliefs about how the mind works and how ite influences behavior 18 mos
Theory of Mind
an emotional response that corresponds to the feelings of another person 18 mos
a sequence of staged episodes that illustrate the strenght of attachment bet a child and his/her mother
Ainsworth Strange Situation
patterns of arousal and emotionality that are consistent and enduring characteristics of someone
an infant's behavior brings about response from parent which brings more response from infant
Reciprocal Socialization
infants and parents learn to communicate emotions to one another and respond appropriately
Mutual Regulation Model
emotions initially come from the cortex then libic then frontal lobes
Roots of Sociability
prefer soft and warm and secure to food
Contact Comfort
refers to the fact that some infants are easygoing while others are easily disturbed
positive disposition, body functions operate reg, they are adaptable
Easy Babies
Moody, slow to adapt to new things, withdraw from new things
Difficult Babies
Inactive, calm, generally neg. mood, withdraw from new thingws, adapt slowly
Slow to Warm Babies