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What is abstracted?
(adj.) Preoccupied, absent-minded
ab / ab
What is apprehend?
(v.) to understand
What is carding?
(v.) a technique for untangling and straightening fibers so they can be spun into yarn
What is chagrined?
(v.) embarrassed
What is dominion?
(n.) the exercise of control
What is frippery?
(n.) pretentious, showy finery
Kit's clothes
What is punctilious?
(adj.) precise; scrupulous
p, p
What is unseemly?
(adj.) not suited to the circumstances; inapproprioate
no way!
What is wraith?
(n.) something shadowy and insubstantial, like a ghost
wraith, white
What is auspiciously?
(adv.) favorably; successfully
opposite of failure
What is bobbin?
(n.) a spool or reel that holds thread or yarn for spinning, weaving, knitting, sewing, or making lace
what Mercy uses
What is condescension?
(n.) patronizingly superior behavior or attitude
What is fulsome?
(adj.) offensive to the taste or sensibilities; offensively flattering
being mean but nice
What is implacable?
(adj.) impossible to satisfy or appease
picky ate the placemat
What is nonplussed?
(v.) confused; put at a loss for words
plus, minus
What is reckon?
(v.) to rely on with expectancy; to figure
I reckon you'll do this!
What is toady?
(n.) a person who flatters others to win their favor
The Frog prince
What is warrant?
(v.) to guarantee or attest to the quality of something
You'll need a warrant to get in ma'am.
What is whited sepulcher?
(n.) an evil person who pretends to be good; a hypocrite
pulcher, poacher
What is wizened?
(adj.) shriveled or dried up; withered
wize, old
What is blanche?
(v.) to take the color from; whiten
blanche, bleach
What is blithely?
(adv.) in a care-free, lighthearted way
opposite of bitter
What is cavalier?
(n.) a gallant or chivalrous man; a gentleman
What is commonwealth?
(n.) a political unit governed by the people
what do wealthy people do?
What is consternation?
(n.) dismay; a feeling of being confused and helpless
consternation,,, dismay
What is contrite?
(adj.) feelings of sorrow for one's sins or offenses
cont"right"- doing whats right- confession at church
What is forfeit?
(n.) something surrendered; in this case, a kiss
a war- white flag
What is furled?
(adj.) roolled up; secured against somehting else
furled up
What is heresy?
(n.) a statement that goes against established religious beliefs
heresy- religious
What is keen?
(ajd.) sharp; vivid
eagle's eye
What is propitious?
(adj.) favorable
i LOVE "Props"itious
What is provacatively?
(adv.) in a way to stir up feelings or action
funny word has a "stirred up definition"
What is unwonted?
(adj.) not usual; unexpected
'un'wonted - - - 'un'expected