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n. the state of being opposed or hostile to another
(Ralph's antagonism made it difficult for him to get along with the group.)
syn: hostility
ant: friendliness, amity
adj. warm or intense in feeling; passionate
(Although Tom was an ardent admirer, Sue knew he would never ask her to marry him.)
syn: fervent, zealous
ant: cool, apathetic
adj. having little or no rainfall; very dry
(They moved to Arizona because the arid weather was good for his lungs.)
syn: parched
ant: wet, lush, verdant
v. to make less burdensome or less painful; to ease, relieve
(The purpose of a funeral is to assuage the grief of the loved ones still alive.)
syn: mitigate
ant: aggravate, exacerbate
v. to decorate or improve by adding details; dress up
(Henry so embellished the stories of his vacation that no one believed he had actually left home.)
syn: enhance
ant: simplify
v. to give rise to; to cause; to bring about
(His obnoxious behavior engendered hostility in his classmates.)
syn: beget, generate
ant: terminate, kill
n. someone or something that is hard to figure out; a mystery
(The Riddle of the Sphinx is not the greatest enigma of all.)
syn: puzzle, riddle
n. a collection of animals that people can view
(What with the rabbit pens, dog runs and snake cages, his barn was a real menagerie.)
n. a bittersweet longing for the things of the past
(He was overcome with nostaglgia when the gang sang his college alma mater.)
v. to do away with completely; to destroy
(To obliterate all signs and any memory of the town, the Nazis bulldozed every building to the ground and covered the wreckage with tons of earth.)
syn: eradicate
ant: reserve