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(n.) the practice of abstaining; doing without
(Although the preacher talked aobut abstinence a great deal, it was well known that he would have a drink now and then.)
syn: self denial
ant: indulgence
(adj.) able to walk; up and about
(The ambulatory patients were led to basement shelters, but the bedridden patients had to wait for stretcher bearers to carry them below.)
(n.) a bitter and abusive criticism
(When be began his customary diatribe about shiftless and rude teenagers, I just walked out.)
(adj.) intended to instruct, guide or teach
(Her poetry was so didactic that, although one learned a great deal about the topic, the poetry wasn't very good.)
(adj.) timid, shy; lacking in confidence
(Unlike her sister, who is quite outgoing, Jan was a little diffident.)
syn: reserved
ant: confident, aggressive
(adj.) very talkative
(Susan was so garrulous that Steve couldn't get a word in edgewise.)
syn: verbose, loquacious
ant: reticent, taciturn
(adj.) required; obligatory
(In order to protect innocent victims, most states have mandatory auto insurance laws.)
syn: compulsory
ant: voluntary, optional
(adj.) preoccupied with gruesome or gloomy matters; grisly; horrible
(It was such a morbid story that it depressed me.)
syn: morose, glum
ant: cheerful
(adj.) very generous in giving; lavish
(While the oil company's offer was munificent, the senator could not accept it because the maximum contribution was $1,000.)
syn: liberal
ant: stingy, penurious, parsimonious
(v.) to show derision or mocking contempt
(He scoffed at the notion of taking a lower-paying job, but eventually he was forced to do so.)
syn: ridicule, deride
ant: praise