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Political Party
group of persons who seek to control government through the winning of elections and the holding of public office.
The strong support of their party and its policy.
Party in Power
the party that controls the executive branch of government (Presidency at the national level or the governorship at the State level).
One of the many political parties without wide voter support.
Minor Party
Single-member districts
electoral district from which one person is chosen by the voters for ewach elected office.
The largest number of votes cast for the office.
Major Parties
Republican and Democratic parties.
Supported by two major parties.
Pluralistic Society
one consisting of several distinct cultures and groups.
A general agreement among various groups.
a system in which several major and many lesser parties exist, seriously compete for, and actually win public office.
A temporary alliance of several groups who come together to form a working majority and so to control a government.
One-party system
"no party" system (dictatorship).