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Passer un examen
False Cognate
to TAKE an exam
Tu rigoles!
to joke around
You're joking! - You don't mean it!
Infinitive - Stem
parler - parl-
écouter - écout-
aimer - aim-
French verbs chang eendings with each subject. To form the stem to which the endings are added, you drop the -ER from the infinitive.
ON - has several meanings

On parle francais en France.
On travaille beaucoup
On arrive a l'ecole le matin
Such as we, they, people. ON always takes the place of il/elle form of the verb.

People speak French in France.
They work hard.
We arrive at school in the morning.
La negation des articles indefinis

Un, une, des - de, d'
Julie regarde UN CD. - Julie ne regarde pas DE CD.
Talking about what you DON'T do.
In the negative, the indefinite articles un, une, and des CHANGE to de or d'.

Julie looks at a CD. Julie doesn't look at a CD.
Verbe + infinitif


Il aime rigoler.
J'adore écouter la radio.
On déteste travailler.
Discussing likes and dislikes
In French when the verbs aimer, adorer, and détester are followed by another verb, the second verb is in the infinitive form.
I like to joke around.
I love to listen to the radio.
I hate to work.
La Sorbonne est une universite celebre a Paris.
The Sorbonne is a famous university in Paris.
dejeuner a la cantine
parler anglais
quitter la maison
habiter pres de New York
passer la journee
poser une question
lever la main
acheter des crayons
eat at the dining hall
speak english
to leave the house
to live near New York
to spend the day
to ask a question
to raise a hand
to buy pencils