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(adj.) Habitually untalkative.
Synonyms: aloof, antisocial, brooding, clammed up, close, close-mouthed, cold, curt, distant, dour, dried up, dumb, dummied up, garbo, laconic, mum, mute, quiet, reserved, reticent, sententious, silent, sparing, speechless, tight-lipped, unexpressive, unforthcoming, withdrawn.
(adj.) Very talkative; garrulous.
Synonyms: babbling, blathering, chattering, chatty, flapping, fluent, gabby, garrulous, gossipy, jabbering, long-winded, loose-lipped, motormouth, multiloquent, prolix, verbose, voluble, wordy, yacking.
(adj.) Friendly; soothing, sympathetic, persuasive; like an oil or ointment in texture; oily; greasy; too smooth and oily.
Synonyms: affable, amiable, civilized, congenial, courteous, gentle, good-natured, ingratiating, oily, pleasant, smooth, suave, unemotional, urbane.
(n.) Bitter abuse in words; very severe scolding; abusive censure; sustained, harshly abusive language; invective.
Synonyms: blame, castigation, censure, curse, curses, defamation, derision, insults, invective, kicking around, knifing, libel, opprobrium, pushing around, quinine, reproach, revilement, scolding, signifying, slander, swearing, tirade, upbraiding, vilification.
(adj.) With much bloodshed or killing; bloodthirsty or very cruel; eager for bloodshed; consisting of blood.
Synonyms: blood-soaked, blood-spattered, bloodstained, crimson, gaping, gory, grisly, hematic, hemic, imbrued, open, raw, wounded.
(adj.) Of the color of blood; red;
of a healthy reddish color; ruddy: a happy or cheerful complexion.
Synonyms: animated, assured, buoyant, cheerful, confident, enthusiastic, expectant, hopeful, lively, optimistic, Pollyannaish, secure, self-assured, self-confident, spirited, undoubtful, upbeat.
(adj.) Uneasy; hard to manage; refusing to go ahead; balky.
Synonyms: agitated, balky, contrary, edgy, fidgety, fractious, fretful, froward, jittery, jumpy, nervous, nervy, obstinate, on edge, ornery, perverse, recalcitrant, refractory, stubborn, tense, uneasy, unruly, unyielding, uptight.
(adj.) Making, given to, or marked by noisy and vehement outcry.
Synonyms: boisterous, clamant, clamorous, distracting, insistent, loud-mouthed, noisy, obstreperous, ranting, shouting, shrill, strident, uproarious, vehement.
(adj.) Being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time; omnipresent.
Synonyms: all-over, everywhere, omnipresent, pervasive, ubiquitary, universal, wall-to-wall.
(n.) Suspicion that one has been slighted or injured; feeling offended; resentment; offense; resentment.
Synonyms: anger, annoyance, chagrin, exasperation, fury, grudge, high dudgeon, huff, indignation, injury, ire, irking, irritation, miff, nettling, offense, pique, provoking, rage, resentment, vexation, wrath.
(n.) A change or variation; the quality of being changeable; mutability; one of the sudden or unexpected changes or shifts often encountered in one's life, activities, or surroundings (Often used in the plural).
Synonyms: about-face, alteration, alternation, diversity, flip-flop, fluctuation, innovation, mid-course correction, mutability, mutation, new deal, new shuffle, novelty, permutation, progression, reversal, revolution, shift, sport, switch, switchover, transposition, turnaround, uncertainty, variation, variety.
(adj.) Cheerful willingness; eagerness; speed or quickness; celerity.
Synonyms: alertness, avidity, briskness, cheerfulness, dispatch, eagerness, enthusiasm, expedition, fervor, gaiety, hilarity, joyousness, promptitude, quickness, readiness, sprightliness, willingness, zeal.
(adj.) Sentimental in a weak, silly way; effusively or tearfully sentimental; tearfully silly because of drunkenness or excitement.
Synonyms: bathetic, befuddled, confused, cornball, drippy, emotional, gushing, insipid, lachrymose, mawkish, mushy, romantic, schmaltzy, sentimental, slush, soap, soapy, soppy, syrupy, tear-jerking, tearful, teary, weak, weepy.
(adj.) Marked by stubborn resistance to and defiance of authority or guidance.
Synonyms: contrary, contumacious, defiant, fractious, indomitable, insubmissive, insubordinate, intractable, obstinate, opposing, radical, rebellious, refractory, resistant, resisting, stubborn, uncontrollable, undisciplinable, undisciplined, ungovernable, unmanageable, unruly, untoward, unwilling, wayward, wild, willful, withstanding
(adj.) Matter-of-fact; straightforward;
lacking in imagination and spirit; dull; consisting or characteristic of prose, not poetry.
Synonyms: actual, banal, blah, boring, clean, colorless, common, commonplace, dead, diddly, drab, dry, dull, everyday, factual, flat, garden variety, hackneyed, ho hum, humdrum, irksome, lackluster, lifeless, literal, lowly, lusterless, matter-of-fact, monotonous, mundane, nothing, nowhere, ordinary, pablum, pedestrian, platitudinous, plebeian, practicable, practical, prose, prosy, routine, square, stale, tame, tedious, trite, uneventful, unexceptional, uninspiring, vanilla, vapid, workaday, yawn, zero.
adj., tending to betray; especially having a treacherous character.
Synonyms: faithless, unfaithful, false, disloyal, traitorous, treacherous.
adj., excessively sparing or frugal.
Synonymn: impecunious.