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Describe the forlimb and name the parts.
-divided into upper arm, forearm and hand

What are the 4 functions of the liver?
-regulates blood sugar
-stores nutrients
-produces bile
-produces blood proteins
What does the gall bladder do?
-stores bile
What is a pylorus?
-structure that opens and closes to regulate flow of food from the stomach to the small intestine
What two parts make up the small intestine?
-duodnem & ileum
What is the function of the small intestine?
-absorb nutrients
What is the function of the cloaca?
-"catch all" chamber for wastes & sex cells
What does the spleen do?
-removes red blood cells that don't function properley
What is the amplexus?
-a large pad that males use to squeeze eggs from females during mating
What is the function of the kidney?
-filters blood
What is a tendon?
-a thick elastic-like tissue that attaches muscle to bone
How many chambers does a frogs heart have?
-three chambers
What is the job of the ventricle?
-heart chamber that provides pumping action
What do the fat bodies do?
-store nutrients for use during hibernation
What is the meaning of amphibia?

What is amphibia?
-living a double life

-class of frog
What is chordata?
-the phylum of frogs
Describe the dorsal surface and its location.
-darker than ventral

-top surface
What is counter shading?
-when the dorasl side is darker than the lighter side
What are the nares and what are they used for?

-used for breathing and smelling
How does the location of the frog's eyes help it survive?
-the eyes' location at the top of the head help the frog because they can go above water before the rest of the frog's body
What are the tympanums are they used for?

-used for capturing sound (hearing)
Describe the hindlimbs.
-muscular and large for jumping

-webbed for swimming
What are the vomerine teeth used for?
-aid in holding prey long enough for frog to swallow it
What do frogd do to help with pushing food down the throat?
-close their eyes
Where do the internal nares lead to?
-to the outer nares
What part of the mouth is the tounge attached to?
-the front part of the mouth
How many lobes does the liver have?
-three lobes
Why is the small intestine so long?
-to absorb the most nutrients