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scry (v)
To see or predict the future by means of a crystal ball.
lax (v)
not strict or careful enough about standards of behaviour, work, safety etc
slump (v)
1 to fall or lean against something because you are not strong enough to stand
slump against/over/back etc
[British English] She slumped against the wall.
Carol slumped back in her chair, defeated.
Ben staggered and slumped onto the floor.
2 to suddenly go down in price, value, or number [≠ soar]:
Sales slumped by 20% last year.
slump to
The currency slumped to a record low.
3 also be slumped if your shoulders or head slump or are slumped, they bend forward because you are unhappy, tired, or unconscious:
Her shoulders slumped and her eyes filled with tears.
presumptuous (adj)
doing something that you have no right to do and that seems rude
s it presumptuous (of somebody) to do something
Would it be presumptuous of me to ask why you are so miserable?
—presumptuously adverb
—presumptuousness noun [uncountable]
boon (n)
something that is very useful and makes your life a lot easier or better:
The bus service is a real boon to people in the village.
precipice (n)
1. a very steep side of a high rock, mountain or cliff:
2. a dangerous situation in which something very bad could happen:
1. A loose rock tumbled over the precipice.
2. The stock market is on the edge of a precipice.
stool (n)
1. a seat that has three or four legs, but no back or arms
2. medical a piece of solid waste from your bowels
1. a bar stool
flagon (n)
a large container for liquids, especially beer or wine
wield (v)
1. have a lot of power or influence, and to use it
2. to hold a weapon or tool that you are going to use
1. The Church wields immense power in Ireland.
2. She had her car windows smashed by a gang wielding baseball bats.
scythe (n)
a farming tool that has a long curved blade attached to a long wooden handle, and is used to cut grain or long grass
deference (n)
polite behavior that shows that you respect someone and are therefore willing to accept their opinions or judgment
Lewis was annoyed that Adam did not show enough respect and deference to him.
They were married in church out of deference to their parents' wishes.
lobsided (adj)
1.having one side that is lower or heavier than the other
2. unequal or uneven, especially in an unfair way
1.a lopsided grin
2.a lopsided 8-0 victory
ambidextrous (adj)
able to use either hand equally well
1. moving with smooth twists and turns, like a snake:
2. with many smooth twists and turns:
1. the sinuous grace of a cat
2.They followed the sinuous trail deep into the mountains.
coddle (v)
to treat someone in a way that is too kind and gentle and that protects them from pain or difficulty:
Don't coddle the child - he's fine!
A newly hatched bird, amphibian, fish, or reptile.
iridescent (adj)
showing colors that seem to change in different lights
small iridescent blue flies
escarpment (n)
a high steep slope or cliff between two levels on a hill or mountain
1. a ruddy face looks pink and healthy [≠ sallow]
2. [literary] red
3. [only before noun] British English informal used to emphasize what you are saying, especially when you are annoyed with someone or something [= bloody, damn]
1. a ruddy complexion
ruddy cheeks
2. The fire cast a ruddy glow over the room.
3. I wish that ruddy dog would stop barking!
immaculate (adj)
very clean and tidy [≠ messy]
He wore an immaculate dark-blue suit.
impugn (v)
to express doubts about someone's honesty, courage, ability etc
I did not mean to impugn her professional abilities.
decree (n)
1. an official order or decision, especially one made by the ruler of a country
2.a judgment in a court of law
1.The Emperor issued the decree repealing martial law.
to annoy someone, especially by asking them many times to do something
She'd been pestered by reporters for days.
pester somebody for something:
I can't even walk down the street without being continually pestered for money.
pester somebody to do something:
The kids have been pestering me to buy them new trainers.
turmoil (n)
[singular, uncountable]
a state of confusion, excitement, or anxiety
the prospect of another week of political turmoil
Ashley gazed at him, her thoughts in turmoil.
suffuse (v)
1. if warmth, colour, liquid etc suffuses something or someone, it covers or spreads through them
2. be suffused with something if someone is suffused with a feeling, they are full of that feeling
1. The light of the setting sun suffused the clouds.
Hot colour suffused her cheeks.
2.She was suffused with happiness.
[uncountable and countable]
old-fashioned a fever that makes you shake and feel cold
wax (v)
1. [transitive] to rub a layer of wax into a floor, surface etc to protect it or make it shine
2. to talk with extreme feeling, liking or pleasure about something - used humorously
3. [intransitive] when the moon waxes, it seems to get bigger each night [≠ wane]
4 wax and wane to increase and decrease over time:
5.[transitive]DCB if you wax your legs, arms etc, you remove the hair from them using wax
2. wax sentimental/eloquent/lyrical Journalists wax lyrical about the band.
4. Interest in the show has waxed and waned.
roil (v)
1. To make (a liquid) muddy or cloudy by stirring up sediment.
2. To displease or disturb; vex

To be in a state of turbulence or agitation.
2. My roommate's off-putting habits began to roil me.
living without any physical pleasures or comforts, especially for religious reasons
an ascetic life
reprieve (v)
[transitive usually passive]
1 to officially stop a prisoner from being killed as a punishment
2 to change a decision to close a factory, school etc or get rid of something
1. Having no flaws; perfect. See Synonyms at perfect.
2. Incapable of sin or wrongdoing.
surreptitious (adj)
done secretly or quickly because you do not want other people to notice
Rory tried to sneak a surreptitious glance at Adam's wristwatch.
glade (n)
literary a small open space in a wood or forest
1. full of people, animals etc that are all moving around
2. British English teeming rain is very heavy rain
1. the teeming streets of the city
2. She walked home through the teeming rain.
beleaguer (v)
tr.v. be·lea·guered, be·lea·guer·ing, be·lea·guers
1. To harass; beset:
2. To surround with troops; besiege. See Synonyms at besiege.
1. We are beleaguered by problems.
scavenge (v)
1. if an animal scavenges, it eats anything that it can find
2. if someone scavenges, they search through things that other people do not want for food or useful objects
1. Pigs scavenged among the rubbish.
scavenge for
rats scavenging for food
2. There are people who live in the dump and scavenge garbage for a living.
scavenge for
Women were scavenging for old furniture.
aphid (n)
a type of small insect that feeds on the juices of plants
n. pl. va·ga·ries
An extravagant or erratic notion or action.
gainsay (v)
[transitive usually in negatives] formal
to say that something is not true, or to disagree with someone [= contradict]
No one dared to gainsay him.
contravene (v)
to do something that is not allowed according to a law or rule [= violate]
Some portions of the bill may contravene state law.
dumbstruck (adj)
so shocked or surprised that you cannot speak
prance (v)
1 [always + adverb/preposition] to walk or dance with high steps or large movements, especially in a confident way
2 if a horse prances, it moves with high steps
1. We used to prance around our bedroom pretending to be pop stars.
lupine (adj)
1. Characteristic of or resembling a wolf.
2. Rapacious; ravenous.
1 a cheap piece of jewellery
2 British English a brightly coloured decoration that looks like a ball and is used to decorate a Christmas tree
whorl (n)
1 a pattern made of a line that curls out in circles that get bigger and bigger
2 technical a circular pattern of leaves or flowers on a stem
ratchet (n)
a machine part consisting of a wheel or bar with teeth on it, which allows movement in only one direction