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Synonym: Gibe
ridicule, mock, deride, jeer
Antonym: Opulent
poverty-stricken, wretched, destitute
Antonym: Warily
recklessly, heedlessly,incautiously
Synonym: Cursory
quick, superficial, perfunctory, hasty, not thorough
Antonym: Meticulous
careless, negligent, sloppy
Synonym: Adversary
antagonist, rival, foe
Antonym: Delete
insert, add, retain, include
Synonym: Demise
decease, passing away
Antonym: Fallow
productive, fertile, prolific
Synonyms: Harass
annoy, pester, bedevil, beleaguer
Antonyms: Negligible
significant, crucial, momentous
Synonym: Ascertain
discover, determine, establish
Synonym: Attainment
achievement, fulfillment
Antonyms: Bequeath
to take away, to not hand down, not bestow
Synonym: Cogent
persuasive, compelling
Synonym: Converge
meet, unite, intersect, merge
Synonym: Disperse
break up, dispel
Synonym: Esteem
respect, admire, honor, revere
Synonym: Expunge
delete, efface, annihilate
Synonym: Malevolent
mailicious, wicked, sinister, malignant
Synonym: Supercilious
snobbish, patronizing, overbearing
Antonym: Clemency
harshness, severity, cruelty, inflexibility
Synonym: Plod
lumber, trudge
Synonym: Truculent
brutal, savage, belligerent, vitriolic, fierce and cruel
Synonym: Brandish
swing, shake
Synonym: Deft
dextrous, adroit, proficient, clever, masterful
Synonym: Extirpate
uproot, eradicate, wipe out
Synonym: Officious
meddlesome, prying, impertinent, obtrusive
Synonym: Ominous
unpropitious, inauspicious, portentous
Synonym: Stately
grand, magnificent, imposing
Synonym: Abhor
detest, despise, abominate
Synonym: Chaos
anarchy, turmoil, pandemonium
Antonym: Commodious
cramped, claustrophobic, insufficient
Synonym: Inter
to bury, commit to the earth; to consign to oblivion
Synonym: Reprehensible
objectional, blameworthy, culpable, odious
Antonym: Somber
bright, sunny, lighthearted, cheerful, jaunty
Synonym: Squalid
dingy, sordid, foul, vile, abject
Synonym: Animosity
enmity, rancor, antipathy
Antonym: Apathy
enthusiasm, fervor, ardor, concern
Synonym: Quandary
confusion, delemma, predicament
Synonym: Stultify
smother, stifle, neutralize, negate
Synonym: Capricious
impulsive, fickle, unpredictable, mercurial
Synonym: Chastise
discipline, censure
Synonym: Copious
ample, profuse, bountiful
Synonym: Emaciated
gaunt, withered, shriveled
Antonym: Limpid
clouded, murky, opaque
Synonym: Askew
awry, lopsided, cockeyed
Antonym: Disheveled
tidy, neat, orderly, well-groomed
Antonym: Garrulous
reticent, mum, taciturn, laconic, reserved
Synonym: Lamentable
deplorable, regrettable, distressing
Synonym: Endemic
indigenous, restricted to
Synonym: Misconstrue
misjudge, mininterpret
Antonym: Placid
stormy, agitated, turbulent, tempestuous
Synonym: Potent
mighty, formidable, forceful
Synonym: Superficial
skin-deep, insubstantial, cursory, slapdash
Synonym: Acrid
irritating, stinging, bitter, caustic
Synonym: Clandestine
covert, furtive, surreptitious, stealthy
Synonym: Conflagration
holocaust, wildfire
Synonym: Elated
overjoyed, ecstatic, tickled pink
Synonym: Platitude
cliche, truism, bromide
Antonym: Quell
incite, provoke, arouse, foment, stir up
Synonym: Ruminate
ponder, reflect, mull over, muse
Synonym: Trenchant
penetrating, cutting, telling, acute
Synonym: Implacable
relentless, inexorable, unappeasable
Synonym: Infinitesimal
tiny, miniscule, microscopic, unnoticeable
Synonym: Patent
exclusive license, evident
Antonym: Alactrity
reluctance, unwillingness, hesitancy
Antonym: Appall
please, cheer, gladden, elate, exhilarate
Synonym: Bellicose
aggressive, combative, belligerent
Antonym: Disparage
praise, extol, laud, plug
Synonym: Dissonant
grating, strident, unmelodious, irreconcilable
Antonym: Mandatory
optional, voluntary, discretionary
Synonym: Rescind
withdraw, revoke, retract, annul, abrogate
Synonym: Vivacious
spirited, animated, ebullient
Synonym: Whet
hone, excite, stimulate
Synonym: Complacent
smug, pleased with oneself
Synonym: Pandemonium
chaos, tumult, bedlam, three-ring circus
Synonym: Repress
subdue, curb, stifle, constrain, bottle up
Synonym: Voluble
loquacious, garrulous, long-winded, prolix
Synonym: Repress
subdue, curb, stifle, constrain, bottle up