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Coalition (16)
An alliance (esp. between nations):

The coalition of Germany and Spain was bad for France because now it was surrounded by allies on all sides.
Insidious (16)
Sly, Treacherous

The cat was very insidious as it lurked in the shadows, silently waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting mouse
Billy tried to repress the memory of the time he fell off the tire swing, but everytime he went to the playground he was haunted by the terrible ordeal.
Though my cookies tase bad because they are a little burnt, that is only a peripheral problem compared to the fact that I added a cup of salt instead of sugar.
Religious leaders sometimes martyrs because martyrs when they are sentanced to death after refusing to renounce their beliefs
Sally named John her official bulwark after he protected her from a basketball that was thrown at her head.
The warning of sharks in the water caused a great exodus from the beach; people ran as far as they could to get away from the infested water
When he was forced to step down as king, his rights to eat free at McDonalds were also waived.
The henious crime was so vile that it shocked all of the other crimminals in the county jail.
The riches of the movie star were invidious to all of the regular people he knew that they stopped being friends with him.