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a high priest or chief religious figure, especially a bishop or a Pope
-pontifical- relating to pontiff or having dignity of; pompous
pontificate- act or speak as a pontiff; speak pompously or with authority
a member of clergy who assists a vicar or rector
a ceremoial robe or gown, especially one worn by members of the clergy during religious services
-can occasionally refer to any covering or outer garment
a long, close-fitting garment worn by members of the clergy as an outer garment or under other vestments
-often worn by church choir as well as clergy; occasinally refer to clergy members themselves
to make holy or to set apart as sacred; or to make someone a bishop, ruler, etc. in religious or civil ceremony
-also to devote or dedicate; to make memorable/significant
a writing that claims to reveal the future, or any revelation
-also early writings that predicted the future or theological events; when capitalized, refers to Book of Revelation
the worship of images, animals, spirits, physical objects, etc.
-also refers to an excessive devotion or reverence
a sacrificing or being sacrificed, or something sacrificed
-occasionally refer to giving up of something for the sake of others
one tenth of one's income paid to support a church or clergy; or any small tax
- as a verb means to pay or collect a tithe; occasionally refers to a payment of a nonreligious nature or a tenth or small part of anything
the act of violating something sacred, either by intentional injury or by disrespectful treatment
-also disrespect or violation of anything or anyone held in high esteem
a grave or tomb
-also final resting place for religious relics; sepulchral means relating to burials or graves often dismal gloomy
a ghost or phantom, or something or someone who appears unexpectedly
-appearence of someone dead or about to die that seems very real to the observer yet impossible to explain
worldly, earthly, or relating to the earth or its inhabitants
-also consisting of land, living on land, or relating to land as opposed to water