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Accidō, accidere, accidī, ------
fall upon, happen
Efficiō, efficere, effēcī, effectum
bring about, complete
Ita (adv)
so, in such a way, thus; Ita may modify any (verbs, adjectives, or adverbs)
Necesse, (defective adjective)
necessary; Necesse has only a nominative and accusative neuter singular; it is used only as a subjective complement with the verb ‘to be.’
Satis (defective noun), n.
enough; Satis appears only in the nominative and accusative singular, and is frequently used with a partitive genitive. The accusative is sometimes used adverbally.
Sīc (adv)
so, in this way;modifies only verbs
Tālis, tāle
such, of such a kind
Tam (adv)
so; Tam modifies only adjectives and adverbs.
Tantus, -a, -um
so much, so great, so large
Tot (indecl. Adj.)
so many