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keep --- to say nothing about a subject>It's not official yet so keep ---.
a list of people's names, often with the jobs they have been given to do>If you look on the duty -----, you'll see when you're working.
to show or suggest that something, often something unpleasant, will happen>But still the economy is not showing signs of any of the excesses that normally ------ a recession.
describes a disease or a diseased growth that is likely to get uncontrollably worse and lead to death>Is the tumour --------- or benign?
describes a growth that is not likely to cause death>a ------ tumour
the study and treatment of tumours (= masses of diseased cells) in the body
the removal and examination of tissue from an ill person, in order to discover more about their illness>a tissue ------
whirlwind, twister
a tall column of spinning air which moves across the surface of the land or sea
a large building in which aircraft are kept
travelling a long distance>a --------- flight
to (cause a boat or ship to) turn upside down accidentally while on water>A huge wave -------ed the yacht.
a group of vehicles or ships which travel together, especially for protection>A ----- of trucks containing supplies was sent to the famine area.
the act of leaving an official meeting as a group in order to show disapproval, or of leaving a place of work to start a strike>Senior union workers staged (= had) a ------- this afternoon at the annual conference over the proposed changes in funding.
to confuse someone>The instructions completely --------ed me.
to carry or pull something with effort or difficulty because it is heavy>I'm exhausted after ----ing these suitcases all the way across London.
a worker or group of workers who protest outside a building to prevent other workers from going inside, especially because they have a disagreement with their employers>There were -----s outside the factory gates.
flier, flyer
a small piece of paper with information on it about a product or event
a small, simple building, usually consisting of one room>a mountain ---
to take something or someone away by force>She had her purse ------ed (= stolen) while she was in town.
the bush
(especially in Australia and Africa) an area of land covered with bushes and trees which has never been farmed and where there are very few people
a large sum of money which is demanded in exchange for someone who has been taken prisoner, or sometimes for an animal>The gang held the racehorse to/for -----.
If a problem or illness ------s a person or thing, they suffer from it>It is an illness which -------s women more than men.
causing or likely to cause disagreement>She has some rather -------- views on education.
the establishment of an organization or official activity>Since its ------- in 1968, the company has been at the forefront of computer development.
in the wake of
If something happens -- --- ---- -- something else, it happens after and often because of it>Airport security was extra tight -- --- ---- -- yesterday's bomb attacks.
defeat>The battle/election was a complete and utter ----.
envisage, envision
to imagine or expect as a likely or desirable possibility in the future>train fare increases of 5% are ------ed for the next year.
a statement of what is judged likely to happen in the future, especially in connection with a particular situation>I was reading a gloomy economic -------- in the paper this morning.
If a situation is bleak, there is little or no hope for the future>The economic outlook is -----.
to find a way in which two situations or beliefs that are opposed to each other can agree and exist together>It is sometimes difficult to -------- science and religion.
fend off
to avoid dealing with something that is unpleasant or difficult to deal with>Somehow she managed to ---- --- the awkward questions.
If costs, prices, etc. ------, they increase faster and faster>-------ing costs have squeezed profits.
to pay an amount of money>His parents ----ed the bill for his course fees.
having a very severe effect, or being extremely limiting>We need to introduce more -------- security measures such as identity cards.
a person who has had an arm or leg cut off
with the willing agreement of all the people involved>The woman alleged rape, but Reeves insisted it was --------.
to beat someone or something by doing or producing something better>Their million-pound bid for the company was -----ed at the last moment by an offer for almost twice as much from their main competitor.
(especially of activities) evil or immoral>The director of the company seems to have been involved in some -------- practices/activities.
to make a plan, especially a secret plan>It was in August of 1978 that the Bolton brothers -----ed their plot to kill their parents.
a situation in which something which was intended to have a particular result has the opposite or a very different result>The ----- (of it) is that the new tax system will burden those it was intended to help.
someone, often a young woman, who is paid to go out to social events with another person>He hired an ----- girl to go to the dinner with him.
when someone pretends to believe something that they do not really believe or that is the opposite of what they do or say at another time>There's one rule for her and another rule for everyone else and it's sheer -------.
when someone is alone, away from other people>He's been living in ------- since he retired from acting.
a dishonest or illegal activity that makes money>They were jailed for running a protection/prostitution -----.
involved with something or someone in a way that makes it difficult to escape>He went to the shop to buy bread, and got -------- in/with a carnival parade.
to speak to or behave towards someone as if they are stupid or unimportant>Stop -------ing me - I understand the play as well as you do.
come clean
to tell the truth about something that you have been keeping secret>I thought it was time to ---- ----- (with everybody) about what I'd been doing.
a speech or act which attempts to persuade someone to buy or do something>She made a ----- for the job but she didn't get it.
(especially of a priest in a church) to give a religious speech>Father Martin -----ed to the assembled mourners.
to pretend to be or to do something, especially in a way that is not easy to believe>The tape recording ------s to be of a conversation between the princess and a secret admirer.
three times greater in amount, number or size>He earns almost ------ the amount that I do.
an extremely powerful person in a particular area of business>media/press -----s
a drug -----
a group of similar independent companies who join together to control prices and limit competition>an oil -----
to take a machine apart or to come apart into separate pieces>She -------ed the washing machine to see what the problem was, but couldn't put it back together again.
to manage to travel along a difficult route>The only way to -------- the muddy hillside is on foot.
small in numbers or amount, often scattered over a large area>a -----population/audience
------- vegetation/woodland
to live or exist, or to stay energetic and determined, longer than another person or thing>The queen ------ed all her children.
to make unpleasant feelings less strong>The government has tried to ------- the public's fears.
in a coma
a small piece of snow
(of behaviour, speech, dress, etc.) sexual in an obvious and rude way>Ignore him - he's being ----.
a ---- suggestion
a protein which is contained in wheat and some other grains>a -------free diet
tsar, czar
a person who has been given special powers by the government to deal with a particular matter>The government has appointed a drugs ---- to co-ordinate the fight against drug abuse.
someone who has done something wrong>Police hope the public will help them to find the ------s.
to break, or cause something to break, into small pieces>She nervously -----ed the bread between her fingers.
describes something you are given which is better than what other people receive>Inmates claimed that some prisoners had received --------- treatment.
a piece of thick heavy cloth smaller than a carpet, used for covering the floor or for decoration>My dog loves lying on the --- in front of the fire.
describes a situation that is complicated and unpleasant, and about which many facts are unclear>He became involved in the ----- world of international drug-dealing.
the existence of different types of people, who have different beliefs and opinions, within the same society>fter years of state control, the country is now moving towards political/religious/cultural --------.
to (cause to) burst, break or tear>His appendix ------ed and he had to be rushed to hospital.
extremely and uncomfortably hot>In the summer, it's --------- in the smaller classrooms.
a fixed regular income>an annual ------
to request or use a power outside yourself, especially a law or a god, to help you when you want to improve a situation>Police can ------ the law of trespass to regulate access to these places.
a large piece of card, paper, etc. with a message written or printed on it, often carried in public places by people who are complaining about something>Demonstrators marched past holding/waving -------s that said, 'Send food, not missiles'.
weak or unhealthy, or easily damaged, broken or harmed>a ----- old lady
payment for harm or damage>The company had to make --------- to those who suffered ill health as a result of chemical pollution.
something which spoils or has a very bad effect on something, often for a long time>His arrival cast a ----- on the wedding day.
describes an amount that is so small it is ridiculous>We were awarded a ------- sum.
anxiety>Growing ----- at the prospect of an election is causing fierce arguments within the party.
If someone or something ------s a person or thing, they threaten seriously to harm it>Hurricane Hugo -----ed the US coast for a week.
behaving wrongly in some way, especially by leaving home>an ----- husband
----- children
away from the correct path or correct way of doing something>The letter must have gone ----- in the post.
to damage or destroy equipment, weapons or buildings in order to prevent the success of an enemy or competitor>The rebels had tried to ------- the oil pipeline.
an official of high rank in the Christian religion, such as a bishop or an abbot
very beautiful; delicate>an -------- piece of china
Look at this ------ painting
a particular way of walking>He walked with a slow stiff ----.
obvious, without any attempt to be hidden>There were instances of ------ cheating in the exams.
when people are controlled severely, especially by force>The political --------- in this country is enforced by terror.
(of a bad action, situation, person, etc.) shocking because of being so obvious>a ------- misuse of funds/privilege
a ------- breach of trust
wishing to fight or start a war>The general made some --------- statements about his country's military strength.
amusing, silly or strange behaviour>The crowds were once again entertained by the number one tennis player's ----- on and off the court.
very certain and unlikely to be changed>-------- rules
(especially of women and children) quiet and well behaved>She gave him a ------- smile.
When people ---- animals, they kill them, especially the weaker members of a particular group of them, in order to reduce or limit their number>The plan to ---- large numbers of baby seals has angered environmental groups.
a large pile of wood on which a dead body is burnt in some parts of the world>A traditional Indian custom used to involve widows burning themselves alive on their husbands' funeral ----s.
to search a place or an area very carefully in order to find something>The police ----ed the whole area for evidence.
rough and twisted, especially because of old age or a lack of protection from bad weather>a ------ tree trunk
a fast wide road which goes between states and connects important cities in the United States