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allege (v.)
syn: claim, contend
ant: prove, deny
to assert without proof or confirmation
arrant (adj.)
syn: egregious, unmitigated
thoroughgoing, out-and-out; shameless, blatant
badinage (n.)
syn: banter, persiflage, repartee
ant: sermon
light and playful conversation
conciliate (v.)
syn: placate, mollify, propitiate
ant: antagonize, alienate, estrange
to overcome the distrust of, win over; to appease, pacify; to reconcile, make consistent
countermand (v.)
syn: recall, revoke
ant: reaffirm, reassert
to cancel or reverse one order or command with another that is contrary to the first
echelon (n.)
syn: level, rank
one of a series of grades in an organization or field of activity; an organized military unit; a steplike formation or arrangement
exacerbate (v.)
syn: aggravate, intensify, worsen
ant: alleviate, mitigate, ameliorate
to make more violent, severe, bitter or painful
fatuous (adj.)
syn: silly, vapid, inane, dotish, vacuous
ant: sensible, intelligent, perceptive, bright
stupid or foolish in a self-satisfied way
irrefutable (adj.)
syn: indisputable, incontrovertible, undeniable
ant: disputable, indefensible, untenable
impossible to disprove; beyond argument
juggernaut (n.)
a massive and inescapable force or object that crushes whatever is in its path
lackadaisical (adj.)
syn: listless, indolent, indifferent, lax
ant: energetic, vigorous, wholehearted
lacking spirit or interest, halfhearted
litany (n.)
syn: rigmarole, catalog, megillah
a prayer consisting of short appeals to God recited by the leader alternating with responses from the congregation; any repetitive chant; a long list
macabre (adj.)
syn: grotesque, grim, ghoulish
grisly, gruesome; horrible, distressing; having death as a subject
paucity (n.)
syn: lack
ant: abundance, glut, plentitude, deluge
an inadequate quantity, scarcity, dearth
portend (v.)
syn: bode, foretell, foreshadow, suggest
to indicate beforehand that something is about to happen; to give advance warning of
raze (v.)
syn: pull down, demolish, shave off
ant: build, construct, raise, erect
to tear down, destroy completely; to cut or scrape off or out
recant (v.)
syn: repudiate, disavow
ant: reaffirm, reassert
to withdraw a statement or belief to which one has previously been committed, renounce, retract
saturate (v.)
syn: permeate, drench, flood, imbue
ant: drain
to soak thoroughly, fill to capacity; to satisfy fully
saturnine (adj.)
syn: sullen, morose
ant: lighthearted, cheerful, vivacious
of a gloomy or surly disposition; cold or sluggish in mood
slough (v.) (n.)
syn: (v.) shed, slog
ant: (v.) take on, acquire, assume
(v.) to cast off, discard; to get rid of something objectionable or unnecessary; to plod through as if through mud; (n.) a mire; a state of depression